Monday, August 24, 2009


Today I am a bit exhausted
I did not sleep well
I was fretful
I turned and toss
My blanket on the floor
My bedsheet wrinkled

Looking at the graying sky
Very soon it will start
Wind, can you stop rushing
Clouds, can you too slow down
Droplets...Oh you!

Rushed to keep my clothes
Some already stained with rain drops
Fortunately not all are wet
or I have to wash them all over
Rain...don't come without warning
When Sun is still in the sky

Today I am a bit exhausted
Mentally and Physically
It is the 7th Month's rain
It drained me emotionally
and left me...listless, and

Learned of a friend's death
Not that we are great buddy
But yet it is not a nice feeling
He is young and full of life
Gone and leaving behind
a Mother to mourn the lost

More and More I realized
Life is not for you to say
'I want to live to 80s'
Time and Tide wait for no man
When time is up
You can't step the brake

Life is like a flickering
Candle In the Wind
It depends on how strong you are
Some burnt to the end
Some blew off just when it started
Some left off half way

Today I am a bit exhausted
But not too exhausted to reflect on
the Teachings of my Lord
He is no other than Lord Buddha
Who taught the inevitable -
Birth, Sickness, Aged and Death...


  1. Your poem is lovely ... I love the image of our lives as candles.

    I'm sorry about your friend. Regardless of what one believes will happen after death ... it is still difficult for the those left behind. The skies seem to be feeling your pain today ... crying for your sadness!

    My thoughts are with you!

    Small Footprints

  2. oh no.. new bed?

    Or just another 7th month thingy?

  3. Small..hey! nice to see you dropping by. I am glad you like what I wrote...just expressing myself...ha.a.a.a Your blog is sooooooo happening!

  4. It is not 'the' bed... it is the lousy feeling and probably a 7th Month thingy!