Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's a long long journey...

Life is a Journey I undertakes
Many a times along the way
I am confused and lost but
although the journey is long
at the end I will see
clear sky and rainbow

Life journey needs one to be strong
to believe and never give up
If I fall, I will pick up and go again
At times there are walls and
many a times I knocked against it
It is painful and
I bleed but not to death
I know I need to
drag this tired body
to live it to the fullest!

Although the Journey is empty
So am I, and
all these feelings, but I am
fool enough to think
this is all for real
I am dreaming in my slumber
and until I wake up
from this Journey.....
Here is the song JOURNEY. I like the lyrics, the music and the beautiful voice behind it. In this instant it is Angela Zhang but the original singer is Corrine May. Everyone loves a fairy tale and as you listen and watch the video, it tells you a love story about Dolphin Bay!