Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HIT & RUN...Irresponsible motorist!

Two days ago, there was a Hit & Run incident just outside my block of flat. I wondered what is the hurry for some motorists, why are they so impatience, so irresponsible and what are they trying to prove? Why can't they drive with care, why are they so careless about their own life and that of others? What do they get with a one minute different to destination. Did they think that they may not even get there at all?

The most unforgivable are HIT & RUN motorists. They knew they made a mistake and a darn grievance mistake. They sped and think that they are heroes...but when they hit someone and run...what sort of shit is that? It goes to see someone's character and I think the Law should not let these people off lightly. If they are scared like the first place why let the incident happened? Talking about considerate motorists, they aren't many. You just have to wait at any traffic lights, any filter lanes, any highways, any multi-storey car parks and you spot them any time. Did these idiots who hit others ever think that there are still chances of survival if they stopped, called the police or ambulance? They think they can run away? Too bad, the one that happened at my block got caught by motorcyclists who gave chase. This guy should go to jail, canned by rottan and band from driving forever! By the way, I learnt that the girl who was hit passed away yesterday and she was a university student. May she rest in peace (I felt pain for her parents).

Motorists have no patience for pedestrians; motorists have no patience for other motorists; motorists have no patience for motorcyclists and any other thing that get in their ways. The prominent KAISU attitude just spew everywhere in Singapore. The bigger vehicles bullied the smaller ones - big cement trucks dare you to hit them or you give way to them, the lorries dare you to hit them and die if you dare, the container trailers, any vehicles that are bigger than you...they challenge you to try and die. Well motorists and motorists are the same - first class cars like Lexus, BMW, Mercedes and anything that is FIRST...they have to run in front of you. People who cannot afford to drive first class cars, challenged others and see if you can zoom faster...careless about your life because he believes "I will never die and I can drive like Shoe Marker!'. Its all sucks! The motor cyclists...they think that they are slim and can squeezed any where. They zipped in and out and careless about you...and they challenged you to hit them as well and when you do, they surely die!

Pedestrians are also the worst of the lots too. Not that their mothers or teachers did not teach them "Look left, look right, look left again and when there are no cars, cross the road". I swear under my breath many times with people reading their hand phones, sending messages and crossing the roads like their grandfathers owned them. These people know no DANGER!, another group of idiots who think they live forever. They do not know what it meant to be 'TOO LATE'. They also forget that for their safety, there are traffic lights BUT again motorists and pedestrians are BLIND to traffic lights. Pedestrians forget what is a RED man and a GREEN man. Motorists?...once the light turns GREEN, I must 'chong' first...they forget that there maybe people still crossing the road.

OMG, I can go on forever. With a little patience, a little concern, a little respect for others lives...the road is a happier place. ARE YOU SUCH DRIVER? DO YOU WANT TO LIVE WITH REMORSE AND REGRET WHEN SOMEONE DIED UNDER YOUR WHEELS? If you are, my suggestion is "You Better Wake Up".

Here is a HIT & RUN caught on tape. It pains my heart to see it. DON'T be the one who HIT or the one who is DEAD, please!


  1. 生命的意義,是在於活的充實;而不是在於活得長久。......................................................

  2. 什么话? You miss the point! 我在说的是"不负责任"...我不是在说好死和烂活! 照你这样说...你也给车撞死...告诉你自己你已经活的很充實好了!....what rubbish!!!!!