Monday, July 12, 2010

The world long waited Football World Cup 2010 came to an end last night or should I say this morning - 12.7.10.

Many have been waiting, many speculated, many win monies and many more lost monies in betting. Football at national level is no more just a game but the winning is seen as National pride. Somehow I wonder why countries took it so serious that they need to band their teams from playing when they lost the game.

I am no football fan. I pay a little attention to this game during school days when my class boys who were divided into two groups - The Footballers and the Basketballers. I cannot understand why a bunch of boys running in the big field, chasing after a ball and everyone was so hysterical when someone kicked the ball into a net. Of course, the one who did was a star and girls went gaga over them. Then in school, this is not a gamble and we bet and in kind. It is gambling unknowingly because we have to buy treats for those who win.

When I started working and got a boy friend, I learnt a little more and took an interest. (It is so true that when you are near the black, you got stained as well.) I sat through games with him. He bet games with friends and won some, lost some but all for the fun of it. At times, he got so caught up and he became angry, moody and I cannot understand why he was so heated up because of a game. By the way, do you know who are the world top richest football clubs? According to FORBES, as per the chart, England had 7 clubs, followed by Germany and others…

My brother asked me last night before the game of whom do I thought would win. Actually I have not been following the game but kept an ear to the ground so that I know what was going on, after all it was a World Event. I normally picked the one that come to mind first…so when he asked…I said SPAIN! He said Spain never win the cup before. We were all geared up and excited…nothing serious just ‘makan’ betting between siblings and I WON!

Being Asian, we kudos all the Asian Teams that played in World Cup this year. The Koreans and Japanese were commendable in their techniques. We are waiting patiently to see when China will take the World Cup. Maybe a match played in China will command more spectators and will be more spectacular!

All the South American teams were out, even Brazil so no chance for all the beauties to run naked. As for SPAIN, congratulations! …but still I cannot imagine how Netherlands did not even get one ball. It is true, the ball is around and it was anybody games!