Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wise Sayings...My Thoughts

I have many visitors that dropped by and reading various postings about the said topics. It is both encouraging and giving thoughts to subject or topic which maybe troubling them at that point of time or serve as information. Here are some more to share. All these, may sounds familiar but it is the understanding of Lian at this point. It maybe superfluous as you may think, given time all these will manifest in deeper understanding. I can only grow one step at a time or I may stand still at a depends on the arising of affinity.

Who Am I...

Did you ever think..."Who Am I"? You will probably say 'Lian'. So this physical mass standing in front of you is Lian. You notice her attributes, her appearance, her abilities, the way she dresses, she walks and talks and the way she carries herself. You either like her or dislike or remain indifferent.

BUT, again take a look at yourself..."who are you"? The above same apply. Lets put it this start to take yourself apart...your hair, your skull, the skin of the skull, your eye balls, your whole body skin (take it out like a rubber suit), flesh, muscles, organs, blood, secretions, blood vessels...AND ask yourself "which part is ME". Is your hair you? Are your organs you? Is your skin you?. NO, they are only a part of you. There cannot be missing parts or you are dead or crippled and not the "Wholesome" Being running around partying. So when you lay out all these parts, they do not move on its own, so who moves them? Is it the Heart? You have taken out your heart as in that piece of flesh/organ so obviously it is not that piece of thing. If you call all these YOU, you should be able to control it - let it stay young and not age, stay beautiful/handsome and live a long long life - can you? NO, you can't. So you realized that all these parts that made you decay and once it stops functioning...where are YOU?

SO who controls all the these parts and make it useful? To me, all these parts are just APPLICATIONS and there is a MAIN somewhere that makes it works. On and off this MAIN malfunction and you fall sick. On and off the parts in this MAIN failed and no replacement can be found, so you get all kind of sickness and gradually die. SO, who is the MAIN? Can you make friend with it, bribe it or treat it like a King so that it stays the way you want to?

To me, this MAIN is CONDITION! Everything, good or bad take shapes when the CONDITION is right. Things happened for a reason. The YOU appear here in the Human Realm and not Animal, Hell or Hungry Ghosts because the CONDITION for YOU to be a Human arises. YOU will continue to transit to all the other unfavorable realms when the CONDITION arise. Everyone wants to be happy and only in the Human Realm than can you distinguish what are the various training that will give rise to a good and healthy CONDITION that will send you to a happy realm.

Unfortunately, we pay too much attention to our APPLICATIONS and think that it is ME. Using these APPLICATIONS we did lots of good or lots of bad or mixed Good/Bad and what fueled all these - EMOTIONS. In our life, we roller-coasters with our EMOTIONS. We have all these EMOTIONS because we did not curb it, we fan it and let it rages on.

There are people who believe - 'I do not believe in After Life, so make the most of it to feed my DESIRE and EGO'.

There are those who believe in an After Life but think 'I don't know what happen in the next life, so now I got the POWER, EGO and the ME, so why not fan it to the fullest. Going to Heaven or Hell is something beyond my VIEW'.

There are those that know and believe and therefore embrace a RELIGION. And again, not everyone that has a RELIGION is a holy man. Especially those who leads. They can be an ANGEL or a DEVIL is disguise. DO WE SEE? NO! WHY? because we have so many defilement in US...actually WE SEE WHAT WE WANT TO SEE. Even if Buddha stands in front of you now, do you believe?

Therefore, REJOICE that you have ABLE APPLICATIONS, a good MAIN because you have created GOOD CONDITION.

There is a wise saying



  1. It's a real wise saying! We should not waste our valuable time to worry about the past and the future! Do what is neccessary NOW!

    May you be well and happy always!

  2. 好文章就值得回響,如果可以常常看到您的更新,應該是件很幸福的事情~~............................................................

  3. To Sathira...thanks for encouragement and support. May you be well and happy too.

  4. 建佑建佑...ha.a.a, I will try to renew my postings as fast as possible.

  5. 知識可以傳授,智慧卻不行。每個人必須成為他自己。. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .