Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quiet your Thoughts....

Recently I was watching my mind. I am amazed that although I am alone, my Mind actually is having conversation by itself. NO, I am not mad!

At time people pass remarks about friends who are quiet and do not talk much. These people are viewed as introverts. Are these people really quiet? You will be surprised if you can see their minds. Although they are quiet but many thoughts go through their ‘Heads’ and at such speed that you lost track. There is no sequence of thoughts and they jump around like monkey. For example you are driving and suddenly you asked yourself “Did I lock my home door?”, the next thing you will think “Oh! I have an appointment this evening, nearly forget about it”, and followed by “ I need to make a phone call to Mum”….it goes on and never ending and the most amazing…the Thoughts have no link to each other at all.

Look at it this way, you are alone with no one around you, who are you having a conversation with? You will say “ they are just my Thoughts”…which is true. BUT why are we so messy up there? Do you know your Mind is like your monitor Your monitor is a blank screen if you do not write on it…but if you do, all these are your Thoughts, right? Whether you write a business letter, send an email to a friend, talk on messenger – you can only do so when your Thoughts are formulated, and your Mind is the platform for it to manifest.

Thoughts, can be both good and bad. Good and Bad is a very fine line…and you cross over when provoke or you stay happy if it is pleasant to your senses. Therefore your Mind is a place where all your Thoughts take shapes. Movie Directors, where do they get ideas? Writers/ Authors, where do they get such interesting stories to tell that they become movies? People who lie, where are all these lies formulated…they give Thoughts as to how to lie so that it is convincing.

We give in to our thoughts most of the time. We do not control it and let it run loose. That is why people say “You one screw loose, iszit?” – meaning you have crazy Thoughts. People who are depressed hear voices in their heads, people who are stressed talk to themselves knowingly or unknowingly, lunatics has all kind of imaginations which are Thoughts and they get violent when the Thoughts get violent.

Do you know that you can use your Thoughts to manifest things that you want? People are writing books on positive thinking and make tons of monies, all the self-improvement books, self-motivation books – what are they telling you – they are actually telling you how to work your Thoughts to get what you wanted.

We get so complicated because we let our Thoughts run loose. When we are happy, when we are sad, when we are ditched, when we strike a lottery, when we see something we want – the Thought is never satisfied and in its vocabulary, there is no ‘STOP’! Thoughts also fueled all your EMOTIONS. When you see two person whispering to each other, the next minute you think “They are talking about Me”. Therefore do not let your Thoughts run WILD. So how to curb it?

MEDITATION…is the method but not without hard work. When you sit down, close your eyes and say you are meditating…are you? You start by staying FOCUS, very soon your Thoughts will run. You try to focus on your breathing, your Thoughts run…and worst, you run after it. What do I mean? Meaning your Thought say “I am free this evening”. It could have stopped there…but…you run after it by continuing …”I can invite Lian out for dinner and maybe catch a movie”…and…on…and…on…OH! Aren’t you suppose to focus and meditate? You see what I mean?

Quiet your Thoughts doesn’t mean you stop thinking or you don’t think. I don’t think anyone can stop the Thoughts. We have been gathering rubbish by the five senses and once captured is stored in an unlimited storage space and you cannot erase them. Believe me, all the unpleasant thoughts will pop up when you least expected it. However all the information, whether operating or information will pop up when you need it. Did you ever wonder why you know how to do certain thing, recite certain mantra and some you just have to do it a few times and you can rattle off without looking at the book?

Therefore the only method is to watch it, don’t follow…just watch. It will start with plenty of Thoughts flowing in and out your Head. When you acknowledge it and not follow, it will die down, it will get lesser. These Thoughts are SHY and when they know YOU are watching them, they become ‘tamed’.

I tried once by not allowing any thoughts into my Head and you know what happened? I cannot remember anything. It is frightening! I need to remember how to drive a car, I have to remember what I did just…and without THOUGHTS, one is like a zombie! SO, you need to have thoughts flows but DO NOT FOLLOW. Things happened because it needs two hands to clap, SO watch and know BUT don’t clap.

Remember Thoughts are past experiences. It has no foundation and it is History. We always let our Thoughts make things seems like it is real, it is not. When I say this WORLD is woven by our Thoughts, I am sure it is true...what say you?

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  1. Lian,

    Its true la.. i very very very often will go into tat mode... its just feels like i am talking to myself... sometimes i simply feel so tired.... its feels like two person arguing...

    if only i can find a way to stop this.. i might not be so tired...

  2. You watch your mind and do not participate in the conversation. It is like you watch two people talking but you are a bystander. Don't answer...example your mind says "I am so fedup" don't continue. If you continue and think "Ya, he is a shit"...dan the conversation goes on. If you Stop and NOT answer your mind, you will be in full control. Quiet your Thoughts, my dear friend!

  3. 從來愛都不知它的深度,非得等到別離的時候.................................................................