Thursday, July 8, 2010

Accepting Buddhism....

My selections of wise teachings. Maybe a little serious, however it is something I like to share and at the same time remind myself...Sadhu...Sadhu...Sadhu.

1) Before anyone can accept a teaching, the most important is RESPECT, respect for the Teacher.

2) Choosing a Teacher, I accord it to affinity. I picked Buddhism and nothing else. It is not this life time but many life times I have been doing this activity and will continue to do so in future life times until I reach Nirvana.

3) Listening to the Dharma needs conditions :
a) The right time,
b) The right place,
c) The right Teacher,
d) The right Frame of Mind, and ready
e) To accept the Teachings.

4) People are divided by the following; using preambles of a vessel :
a) Even if it rains, no water enters the vessel – meaning even if Dharmma is just there, one will not see nor hear it.
b) Even if rain enters the vessel, the vessel is dirty – meaning even if one hears the Dharmma, but one’s mind is full of contamination and thus it is wasted.
c) Even if it rain and water enters a clean vessel, there are cracks and water sipped out – meaning although one hears the Dharmma, ones retain nothing and cannot remember what is taught.

5) Conditions to prepare one’s mind,
a) one must imagine one is sick,
b) That the Teacher is the right Doctor, someone one has chosen, trust and accepted without doubt.
c) That the Dharmma is like a medicine prescribed by the Teacher to cure ones illness.
d) Believes that the medicine will work and patience to wait for the medicine to take effect. Many give up hope or expect a miracle. If one constantly and persistently keep the routine of Prayers and asking and acknowledging one’s shortcomings, only then can one slowly clean up the mess one has created.
e) Since one have accepted the Dharmma, therefore Buddha is the Teacher/ Guru and one must have full respect and veneration in the heart.
f) One too must pray and wish that Dharmma remains in Samsara as long as Sentient Beings are around so that those who needs this Medicine can find it and cure themselves.

6) Before one can bring up Bodhicitta, one must first have compassion.

7) The Four Heavenly Virtues :
a) Loving Kindness
b) Compassion
c) Joy and
d) Equanimity

8) The correct Frame of Minds to practice the Dharmma:
a) The will power to succeed in ones practice
b) The will power to overcome one’s bodily shortcomings
d) The will power to overcome one’s shortcomings in thoughts
d) Unshakable Faith
e) Practice Meditation
f) Achieved Wisdom
g) To acknowledge the destroying power of Cravings, Hatred and Anger
h) Acknowledged the power of one’s obstacles and
i) Buddha is our Light, our Protector and the one who shows us the way out of Samsara.

9) One must watch one's EGO and break the chain of
a) jealousy of others achievements
b) delay in clearing ones doubts
c) laziness
d) Self-praise and picked on others shortcomings in Dharmma
e) Use Dharmma to check others
f) Over indulgence in materials needs.

11) Always think and rejoice when others shared Dharmma with one and think “May I wish him well and for his effort in sharing the Dharmma with me, may he achieved Enlightenment”.

12) You do not need plenty to accrue good merit - you do not need monies or power but just REJOICE at others good efforts!

At the end of it, there is no one who is creating merits, there is no merits nor the one receiving the merits.