Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Awake and Asleep....

I have been giving thoughts to this issue and like to share it here with my readers. I have been pondering between what is Real and what is Fake. We draw a line…but who set the line?

Look at this world that we live in. Why do we say that this world is real? You will say we ‘exist’ here so it is real. We see, we feel, we touch, we sense, we smell…so how can this world be fake? You will say ‘Hey! I meet friends, I go to work, I live in a house, I drive a car. There is day time and night time. I feel hungry when I don’t eat, so how can it be not real?”

Let me ask you a question… You fall asleep at night, what happen to this world you call Real? Your mind shut out. You shut out your mind from all these worldly sensation and experience…so where is this real world? You will say “When I am asleep, the world still exist”. Of course it does, because you know you will wake up to it.

Can I give you another way to look at things. Give thought this way…”When I am asleep, I left this Real World and go into another dimension called the Dream World. In the Dream World I experienced all that I do in the Real World. In my Dream World, I go to work, I meet the same people I know, I meet people whom I have not met recently, I perform activities, I feel too and I sense because in my Dream World I am able to feel happiness and sadness. In my Dream World I can perform activities as the Real World or maybe even more. In my Dream World I go holidaying too. I have all the feeling and sensation when I am with my boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife….so on and so forth”. Is the Dream World Real? Or is there really a Real World or a Dream World?

The YOU in the Real World will say this is real and the Dream World is fake. The YOU in the Dream World will tell you equally that the Dream World is also real!

This is an awesome feeling and realization. It breaks the chain bonding me to the Real and Fake World. In actual, there is no Real or Fake world, it is created by US. That all your virtual games on the Internet, you create all you wanted. I am recently into Farmville and I started building up my dream farm. I go in everyday to harvest, to plant, to buy, to visit neighbor and perform activities. I started to collect cash and exchanged them for all the goodies to make my farm nice. IS this real? Once you get obsessed, you will spend entire time doing the Farm…and it became real.

So in this so call REAL and FAKE world in actual fact there is NOTHING but our Mind activities. We are all here, in this REAL World because we all wanted the same thing, we share the same defilement and we share the same KARMA…the shared KARMA to create this world. We are so attached so we say this is Real. We are afraid of death because we felt that we are losing this Real world. There is nothing too lose. Subsequently all the other Worlds – heaven, hell, asuras, animal, human…are created by our Mind. Who send you to heaven or hell? It is you yourself and the Mind activities created by you. Therefore watch it my friends!

This Body is also a temporarily REAL world. This body rot as it is make up of the Earth Element. In us we have all the five elements. Whether it is internal or external, as long as these elements are in harmony, you will be safe or else, the external will wave havoc and the internal will also wave havoc. So what is REAL?

After explaining, did you get what I mean? What I am trying to tell you…that everything is FAKE. There is ‘nothing’ internally and externally but a world painted by our Mind accordingly to our Karma.

Sometimes I felt like I understand a little the emptiness theory but I need to see it clearer. So you work on it too. Since nothing is for real and permanent, there is nothing you cannot let go but because lives after lives we grasped, we are afraid to let go. Me too, but I am trying to let go because I know I will surely die one day. I will see the virtual world I created for myself and hopefully able to attain some wisdom from it and ‘wake up my Mind’. Cheers!

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