Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I read in the papers that a China reporter commented about the uniform of our Singapore Airline Air Stewardess. He said that our girls are wearing slippers with Kebaya and it is not classy enough. He went further to mention that the Airline Stewardess in China have uniforms that are far more classy!

Chey!...this reporter just shoot his mouth off. He has got nothing better to write or he ran out of ideas. Did he do a research of our background? Does he knows that Kebaya is worn with slippers or beaded slippers?

What is class or being classy? I think and many of us do...that our Singapore Girls' uniforms are both classy and representative of Singapore. You just have to look at the uniform in any country and anywhere and immediately it echoed in your mind "Singapore Airline". The uniforms are batik prints and are unique in design. The colors are vibrant too and slippers are matching. So what rubbish is he talking about class? Is he a fashion critic or what and what does he knows about fashion and identity...or does he has one???

I saw many airlines around the world and they all wear skirt, blouse, scraf...and that is their country dress code? If it is a National Airline, they should wear something that is of the country. Korean will look beautiful in their national outfit but it is clumsy. Japanese kimono are beautiful but their stewardess are wearing nothing but the skirt/ blouses thingy. Thai airlines stewardess is wearing their national outfits and that is what I call CLASS. So what class China air stewardess had? They don't wear cheong sam, they are wearing 'Kuai Low' fashions complete with high heels...where is the identity? It is copied fashion. Is this what you call class? Such class are but only skin deep! (Look at the China air stewardess in the picture, you called that Class? Which country does their uniform resamble...British Airline? or France Airline?)

Anyway kabaya with slippers are both practical and healthy. Imagine our girls got to walk about in heals in the turbulent sky. How many hours do they need to stand and serve all kinds of funny characters on board. What is going to happen to their legs...when they aged? Does that reporter knows? He should wear heels and stand and walk around in the aircraft and than he can shoot his mouth commenting about others without brain. It is so easy just to talk and talk and think that one is smart.

Anyway we Singaporean are 'stubborn' enough and we will not change such a beautiful representative uniform to trade in for CLASS. What if got CLASS and got no character?

I love our Singapore Girls' uniforms. They are a CLASS of its own and they represent the little island SINGAPORE!


  1. Only China people can have such "Class"

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