Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ahuh! Sleee..ep

Sleep is very important to our body. Everyone sleeps. Whether you are human or animals, the body needs that small break to recuperate.

Unfortunately there are people with insomnia and they cannot sleep. The other category is people with problems, they cannot sleep. Some get so excited over some happy events or good news, all the nerves are tingling and they cannot sleep. Some because they have to make ends meet, they hop from one job to another, they have little sleep or no sleep. The people who are actors and actresses, because of shooting schedule sleep on the set or have no sleep for days. Some drink coffee/ drink teas…cannot sleep!

Sleep…..sleep…sleep…! For me, when my head touches the pillow and I am 'gone'! Haa.a.a.a.a. Some friends who traveled with me were amazed at my speed to sleep! We were girl gossiping and next minute they hear the ‘snore’… My body is a very funny thing. This body is like a child…and..she don’t care about me…Like last night, I wanted to do some writing…but my body boycotted! Whether I like it or not, my body shutdown at 8pm. I went to bed! I might as well, my ‘panda’ eyes are showing – it is very obvious I am a Chinese! Ha.a.a..a.

Some are such good sleepers…they can sleep..and..sleep..and if you don’t wake them,
they continue to sleep until the ‘cows come home’. Some can sleep until they cannot hear any noise. You can 'bang and clang' in their ears and they are ' deaf '. Some, no amount of shaking or moving will wake them. Some continue to sleep for days – no need to eat, drink or shit! Amazing right? How can we be like that?

During my school days, I started sleeping on Friday night and only wake up Monday morning to go to school – do you believe it? When in Uni, I forget how to at night. Exa
m lagi worst, ‘burnt’ midnight oil…oil from my body! Out to work, want to sleep longer also cannot – the alarm ring first time…second time..third time..better wake up or else late for work…so frighten of getting ‘fried’ so I have to get my butt off the bed. Now my body becomes an alarm itself…6am and I wake up automatically. Weekend is the same…I wake up 6am on the dot. Is this a sign of old age! Old aged body do not need to s…l…e…e…p for long hours ! Gosh, I am getting old. So I do not confess that I sleep lesser than 8 hours to my friends...I am such an idiot!

Some peop
le are fantastic. They can sleep anywhere. You give them a bed, they sleep; camping can sleep on the ground; dating can sleep on each other shoulder; lean on a rock can sleep; sleep on smelly bedsheets also sleep… I cannot. Every time I travel, I ‘die liao’…first night cannot sleep for sure. If I go visiting, friend's house..first night..sure cannot sleep. Hotel also cannot sleep. The best part…if anyone sleep next to me, I cannot sleep! If I am married, my husband will seek for divorce the next day…I cannot sleep so I have to sleep alone…so how? The best is to remain single. I cannot stand another body heat next to me… I will be swimming in sweat than sleeping. Recently a friend visited me. I had a queensize bed that can take two persons but I let her have the whole bed and I slept on my beanbag…crazy me! She must be wondering why I don’t want to sleep with her…ha.a.a.a I did not explained either so let her think – very bad of me right?...Aiya! I am a very troublesome girl!

BUT… after so many years of exposure working overseas, I learnt how to sleep. However I have to sleep in one room all by myself…all lights OUT! Room must be dark! Don’t care whether there are spirits, ghosts or what as long as no human heat next to me.

I was thinking to myself lately that maybe I want to start something that can help people sleep. I realized that sleeping is so…so…important. There are many people out there who cannot sleep. I shall call my place a ‘Sleeping House’….not ‘DEAD House’…After all experts said that when we sleep, it is like we are ‘dead’. We shall call it the ‘Lian Sleep Therapy’. Sleep one hour pay S$30.00 and so on. Money will be used to pay for all expenses and balance goes to charity! Make money for oneself and for a good course.

ain some of my readers here…give me ‘pressure and pleasure’ until I cannot sleep. One said my posting is like medicine to her. Everyday she will come in for a dose. One day I did not change and update…she will say ‘How come no posting today huh?. Now is getting worst, got another one, my posting is like ‘Drug’ to her…walau! SCARY! Looks like I will be thrown into rehab center very soon. Ha.a.a.a.a.a.a!

Did anyone of you notice how you sleep? Sitting, squatting, standing, walking, doing your business on toilet bowls, hanging on MRT, swaying from left to right sitting on a bus? We all sleep in many styles..if you see yourself, you probably will laugh until you drop. Here in the place of human, I will show you the familiar postures…of how you sleep!

Some are so tired, they sleep on their food; some - who cares and sleep with wide open legs, some so dainty sleeping on a sofa and one have to sleep caged or inside a slipper to feel secure. Aren't they cute? Thanks to all the photographers whom I borrowed the above pictures to complete this posting.

Have fun and laugh loudly..LAUGHTER is the best medicine!

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