Monday, April 27, 2009

How much do you need?

How much do you need? How much is enough?

In our world today, people spend a lot of time accumulating materials needs - house, cars, clothes, monies, shares etc. So much so that we have no time for our self. As you accumulate more, the word 'Mine' is making you smaller. 'Mine' makes you selfish. Some guard their monies and refused to part with it. I came across someone who told me 'I work hard for my monies, why should I give it away or donate it?

We spend a lot of time cultivating our 'outside' and what about our 'inside'? My best friend said that I am over critical on myself. She has been reading my posts silently all these while, she saw me from my writings. That is also why she thinks that I am living my life and happiness depending on what other think of me. I lost myself. So how much is enough? What is joy? Let me share with you a story.....

Once upon a time, a King was trying to instill some wisdom into his subjects. He saw them fighting with each other for status, money and materials gains. They can no longer sit down and talk or try to see one another point of view. At the end of the day, they split into two camps and each does not communicate with the other. One day the King asked his ministers

King : 'So what have you two come up with for my birthday celebration?'
Minister A : We are discussing and have a plan but Minister B did not agree to it.
Minister B : Excellency, we have a good plan too, but Minister A wanted his way.

King shakes his head and went into deep thoughts. These two are fighting and they are my best ministers. Each thinks that he is right. How can I entrust my kingdom to such selfish, small hearted and petty officials?

King : Since the two of you refused to compromise and accept each other views, I am not forcing you. 'A' think he is right and 'B' think he is right - you guys can keep your pride. I am arranging a competition to celebrate my birthday and everyone can participate. As you know I have no heir and I need to entrust my Kingdom and the happiness of my people to someone who proof his worth.

On the joyous day, the King announced...

King : My precious countrymen, today I open my kingdom to the first 1000 citizens who want to participate in this race. The starting point is from my palace and every mile you cover, you stick the color flags given to you on the ground. How much you cover, that land is yours.

Everyone was thinking 'Oh! Our King has gone mad and he is giving away his kingdom.' This is an opportunity of a life time. When registration is opened, everyone rushed to put their names down. There was jostling and punching, pushing and quarrelling....but the King remained unmoved. Finally the noblemen got registered and some of the citizens. The race started. The two most 'hard on' competitors were Minister A and Minister B. Because the race has to be undertaken by themselves and no assistance allowed, they set off in different directions.

Many dropped off along the way but the two Ministers continued to run. As days and months went on, the race was left with just 'A' and 'B' competing. People's interest waned after many months. People went back to their daily lives, their work and slowly people forgotten about the race.

During this period, the King got himself a new set of Ministers. They were cordial and sincerely wanted the goodness of the country. The two camps of ministers who took sides dissolved since they are not able to get any benefits from 'A' and 'B' now.

It went on for years. Both the Ministers did not come back. One day, the King's horsemen came back with news and the bodies of the two Ministers. Countrymen were gathered in front of the Palace and everyone was sobber. The two Ministers have killed themselves in the race.

King : I am very sorry for the two Ministers. My purpose of this Race is to teach all of you to be humble, to be giving, to compromise, to forgive and to be happy and grateful for what you have. Now this outcome really hit the nail on the head.

King paused....he went into deep thoughts..

King : It is also the fault of the ministers who took sides. You are not good friends to the Ministers. Instead of helping them to resolve their differences, you fanned their anger so they accumulated fake vanity. This fake vanity and their pride killed them.

King : So what are you all fighting for? How much power do you need? How much material do you need? If anyone can answer this, I shall give him the hand of the Princess in marriage and also name him my successor.

The whole crowd was quiet. It was so quiet that it was said 'even a drop of a pin', you can hear it. After a long silence, a young minister stepped forward.

Young Minister : My Dear King, I knew about the two ministers’ history from my father. I was a young man in school. Today I am a Minister and instead of seeing them well, they have died in the course of pride and greed.

King : Indeed true. Do you want to tell us your answer to my question?

Young Minister : There is nothing much we need actually. These two gentlemen have covered miles and miles of lands...and finally they only need a grave. Our wealth, our pride, our material wealth and our body only need this much. Once we are dead, nothing matters.

King was amazed at the wisdom of this young Minister. So marriage was arranged and King retired to be the happy grandfather of two lovely grandsons. The whole country was peaceful and people were happy with each other. The Young King ruled wisely.

So.... how much do you need?


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