Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Wise Sayings...

Readers feedback to me that they enjoyed my last wise sayings posting and requested for more. As these are my experiences, it needs to be collected over time. So here is the 2nd lots...and enjoy!

Life is a challenge; it is not a war path!

Some think they can take women for a ride, you will soon find out who is the ‘Rider'.

When things get tough, the Tough keeps running away.

$$$, how come you devalued by half?

Stop! In the name of Love, but not Lie!

Once you arrived into this World, you are programed to Work and Work and Work.

The Earth? Where is that? Did a fish knows she is living in the water?

How many of us Drink tea or we Gulp down a cup of tea?

What is a Hero? It is He who roars!

When something hit your Head, you do not cover your Butt!

What is Love? After all that has been said, have you found it?

Love is ‘It’. It is not a ‘She’.

If you cannot stop having Sex, you surely do not need any Aids!

To Err is Human, so you need no forgiving.

The Earth is the biggest rubbish bin; it has all the ‘Rubbish’ in it.

The Earth is the biggest Zoo, you need not go too far to look for any kind of ‘Animal’!

Love is but a foot away. What happen when it is a mile off?

Do you know we carry an ever ready graveyard around? Yes, your stomach!

Lessons in Life are learnt and taught by the most unexpected teachers named Adversity.

Everyday we experience different challenges and situations. The only way out is to acknowledge, watch and learn from it.


  1. I agree everyday we face challenges and we need to learn from it. Like your blog.

  2. Thanks for dropping by. You have a very encouraging blog.

  3. I just happen to be passing by when I read your post. Nice post and keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Hi!

    Passing by...but come back again. Thanks for the encouragement! Much appreciated.