Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Home…The Earth

I did not know that we have hurt our Earth so badly. Because of survival, we exploited the only place we have. Because we need to move forward, we created the word ‘modernization’. Because of ‘modernization’, we started factories, air-conditioned, building houses, cutting down trees etc…etc…etc… All the fumes created polluted the air. As time goes by, the climate is getting hotter and hotter. We exploited everything we can lay our hands on, from land to sea to space. Being ignorant as we are, we all follow what are created for our comfort. We did not question, we did not doubt, we forgot that the Earth, like any other thing we have, that if not taken care of will break down.

Years after years we stripped Mother Nature of her inheritance. We keep taking but we did not give back. We did not slow down in our needs, we keep wanting more.

We are cutting up trees for homes. We are very proud of a house made of wood. We would say we love nature and therefore use wood to build a house or as furnishing. We cut trees for papers, for fuel for more than I can imagine. We forgot that trees give out oxygen molecules in the morning and takes in carbon dioxide. It is important. It plays a big part in keeping the earth safe. We cut trees faster than it can grow. Now we tore the space apart…we created a hole in the sky!

As we went on to create more and more non biodegradable stuff, the disposing of these is to burn it. These release toxic to the air. It clogs up the Earth when thrown around.

I am looking at only a micro aspect of what I can see and feel. What about the macro pictures?

We dig the Earth of its minerals, both land and seas. We move too far ahead and we cannot go back to simple living anymore. We have plenty but we are never enough. So our poor Mother Nature, she had a mass of ungrateful children. They never help her clean the house but created more rubbish instead.

However there are always a group of people who cares about the environment, they are so small that their voices are drowned until now. Lets cross our fingers that it is not too late.

What can we do....

1) Save Water – You only need enough water to wash. 'Used' water can also be recycled to wash floors, water plants, flush your toilet etc.

2) Electricity – switch on only when you need it. I have given up using a hot water boiler that is turned on forever. I now boil only when I need it.

3) Carriers – Plastic bags - avoid collecting too many of them. These items are non biodegradable and it will harm the environment. Paper bags are made from pulp and that is cutting down more trees. Try using non-woven bags. They are handy and easily foldable and can be kept in our handbags. Use this when you go shopping.

4) Plastic water bottles – I used them as flower vase (see the picture). I filled the smaller bottles with drinking water and put them into my fridge. The excess I put them into recycling bags for collection.

Do you know you can weaved around cola cans and make them into beautiful pencil holders? You can also stick ‘blink blink’ all over them as well. They are pretty and usable and a good gift for friends.

5) Someone created disposable chopsticks from wood. It is a good idea to save water and for hygiene purpose but it is like an exchange – save the water and cut the trees. In the end we did not save the environment. Therefore I suggest we carry our own chopsticks around and eat with it.

6) For unwanted clothing and shoes, please send to an organization so that they can send them to countries that need them.

For 'the creative', they can cut old clothes, patch, sew and add accessories to make themselves another new dress. They can use left over fabrics to make toys… see are these cute? They are filled with sands.

Last year Earth Day, we went for nature walk around the forest to be with the trees, feel the earth underneath our feet, feel the breeze on our face, breath the air, watch butterflies fluttering around flowers, say hello to an iguana walking by and it is good to know we are the Earth and the Earth is us!

This year, I will sort out all my clothes and put them into recycle bags for collections.

PROTECT the Earth and Support Earth Day!


  1. This information is very well written. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. If we are ever to make a difference we all need to pitch in and do something. It doesn't have to be a "big earth moving" something, but if we all take small steps in the right direction we can make a difference. We at ENSO bottles have made plastic water bottles biodegradable. It isn't the solution to all our problems...but it is a step in the right direction.


  2. Hi Max

    Thank you for lvg a comment for me. There are very little we can do as an individual. However as a Group like Bloggers Unite, we can reach more people. I think it is great that ENSO cares abt the environment. It definately is the right step taken. If you do come by again, please send me a picture of ENSO's bottle or I may copy them on the website for my future postings if ENSO pemits me to.

    Cheers and all the best to you and ENSO.

  3. Very inspiring post you made! Mother Earth certainly need people like you to be aware of what we have been doing so far..... Let's unite to protect Her!! ^_^


  4. Hi lilrascal...

    It is so wonderful to hv met u on site. Yes, lets do our itsy bitsy best to protect her.


  5. Most of us have the habitual instinct to grab the most and best for ourselves. Few have thoughts of giving something back to the universe.

    Earth's day is a reminder of mother earth virtues of endless giving ( of life, minerals, oil etc) and endless acceptance of our dung.

    Thanks for reminding us of earth's day and mother earth's qualities.