Saturday, April 25, 2009

Food...Oh! Food

The dictionary definition of Hunger : a compelling need or desire for food.

Yes, this is a feeling, a sensation, a reaction of one organ within your body sending a message to another organ telling ‘Him’…. I am hungry! You would immediately look for food to fulfill this desire. The hungrier you get, a chain reactions will occur. You either get angry, faint, weakness in limbs, pumping of your heart…more complications...or finally die. Dying from hunger is a long process. Your body mass accumulated enough fats to sustain it until you find food, but what if foods don’t come?

I am sure we all have gone through some experiences of hunger. For one, I did. It is not because I came from a poor country or a poor home. The hunger I felt or experience is a ‘choice’ not a ‘must’. Sometime I delayed eating due to rush of work to meet dateline (as it is always the case), I felt hunger but continue working. There are some who had to do a ‘hunger’ weight loosing program to look slim although there are already thin like a pencil! I am amazed that they can do it without considering the danger they are imposing on themselves. Of course you read in papers that they died of ‘hunger’. How ironical!

In this tiny little island that I lived on, food is never a problem for the time being. When you are in an affluent society, food became an ‘indulgent’. For countries that food is so readily available, we will never imagine that come one day when food is no longer ‘ever’ present and became a ‘luxury’. Now we can afford to throw away food, starve our self’s crazy, go on weight losing programs and be ‘oblivious’ about things that are happening around us, let alone the World.

Since I am a Blogger and when I started blogging, I became more and more aware of happenings around me. It is obvious because I search for information and facts before posting on certain topics. As I now belong to a Group, I support them for the good work they are doing ‘Raising Awareness'.

Hunger and Hope 2009 is one of the events. As I agreed to blog about it, my appeal to all my readers – When next time you eat, be mindful of the word ‘enough’. Ask for the portion that is ‘enough’ – many have the mentality that ‘for worth of my money, the bigger the portion the better’ and later the big portion of left over went into the rubbish bin.

I worked in a hotel once and I asked the management “Why must we throw away food leftover from the buffet tables? Can we not give them to the Staff in the Canteen?” Their answer - “It is the Code of Practice”. What a waste! They can also give it to a community or adopt a community nearby so that they can have food. If some big time Hotel Owners or CEOs reading this humble message from this humble blog, please think about this. Especially for those big chain hotels operating in poorer country. However, such big men will not have time for blogs, they got better things to do!

Anyway, I will have pages to write if I were to continue. Therefore I am going on a one day ‘detox’ program on 29th April 2009. I am going to let myself experience Hunger to remind myself how fortunate I am to have food in my stomach and to remind myself that there are so many of my fellow beings out there who are starving and dying because of lack of food. My wish for them - May they have food in their stomach!

Do join me if you want to be in this one day ‘detox’ for a good course! I count my blessings…. and you too!


  1. I agree that being in the blogging community makes us more aware of the world around us.
    You have a very interesting blog and I look forward to reading more.
    Hope you will come visit my pages,

  2. Hi SQ

    Thanks for dropping by. I have briefly visited yr Blogs. I shall find time to go back and read. Do come back if u like it here.