Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Today's topic derived from the recent chit chats with friends about 'drink-king'.

"Drink What?"..."What do you want to drink?"...common questions during socializing. Again there are many answers :

Kid : I want ice cream, I don't want to drink!
A bunch of school girls to the order takers : Coke, Ice Lemon Tea.e., Ice Chocolate..and the list goes on!
Girl to the waiter : Hot Coffee please, without sugar and milk. (why can't she just say 'Coffee black'!)
Girls at bar counter : Vodka, vodka, vodka..Margarita..Singapore Sling..!
Guys to the bar counter : (Happy drink beer)
Lian : 'Sky juice' please (no more coke for me...)
Alice : Red wine...
Philip :
Ben: (looked at the menu...take some time to decide)...Ginger Ale!
Raymond : (act blur and look blur)...YiYe.e.e you order what I drink what!...Ok.ok...give him an ice 'la..mon'..teee..

Gosh..after the above, you know by now I am talking about a beverage...named 'drink'. ha.a.a.a.

People drink various beverages for various reasons..

1) Health - Experts said "one day must drink 8 bottles of 1 lit of 'sky juice'. It makes you healthy, cleanse your intestine, cleanse your urine, your skin will shine, less intake of sugar so it keep you slim.....

2) Thirsty.

3) To wash down the 'food' you are eating.

4) Must drink - babies drink milk…it is 'food' to them.

5) Entertaining – you are the host.

6) Socializing - you are at a ‘mixing’ around in a pub or club.

7) Addicted....

8) To drown sorrows..

9) To help

So the drinking I am saying is more of alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic drinks are 'intoxicant'. After a few rounds of boozez.z.z you will get high. It goes with both men and women. It affects proper thinking and judgment. It makes you 'brave' - things you won't do when you are 'sane' will do it under the influence of 'drinks'. Drive and get into an accident, killing oneself and innocent party – it is irresponsibility behavior. Some people get so addicted that we called them 'drunkard'…not just a name for men, there are women too. Some damages are so extensive to the internal organs…it is slow suicide. Some have to go through therapy to stop drinking...the process is so painful. I wonder how many of you have seen video of people 'kicking' off is just like that. You have to check into hospital to do it.

Especially dear God!..we are the worst bunch..and the most venerable bunch..and we subject ourselves to :

1) Being abuse (by husband/ boyfriends/ parents - why do they want a drunkard wife, girl friend or daughter?)

2) Raped when you are drunk - it happened all the time and you woke up with your clothes gone, bruises all over your body - the worst is mental torture - it is the shame you have to live with. To be raped and yet you do not know who is the person or persons. It happened to a friend. The shame and the trauma lead to depression.

3) In the intoxicated state, you probably could not even walk straight..and get yourself killed while stumbling around looking for a 'cab'.

4) Seen as being a 'slut' - out for fun and can be easily 'laid'. Worst if you are holding a cigarette.

5) Robbed and killed.

6) Get into a car accident while driving (this happen more to male drivers..but the possibility is there.)

7) Some girls are high and partially drunk. They know what is happening. It is only that they cannot co-ordinate their they fall all over the place. A friend told me that some girls did it purposely because when they are 'sane' they are proper.

7) A friend's son told his Mum...'Mum, you know all these girls at the clubs/pubs..after a few rounds of drinks, they walk passed you and brushed their ‘tops’ against you. There is no modesty!

A guy friend once told me … “Men eat and tell”. Girls… your reputation is down the chute!

Girls where are our "Dignity" ?

Today, I just want to appeal to all my 'lady' counterparts if you are reading here. Do not get me wrong. I am not saying all those who drinks are wrong. Please drink if you need too...know your limits...because some needs the alcohol to help them some red wine is good for hearts...for whatever not 'INDULGE'... Once you get hooked onto the bottle, you are in for lots of ‘things’. Be moderate…drink with Class.

I am a bad drinker. A few sips...or a small bottle of beer...and I am a total knockout. Moreover I try to observe my precepts.


  1. hahaha... precepts precepts precepts...

    Start with the Eightfold noble path.. and you will be ok..

  2. Ha...ya lah! Precepts. Must remember to abstain not so much of that but bcos I will get knocked out to an unconscious state which is dangerous.