Sunday, March 29, 2009

Leslie Cheung and his songs…

Below is my tribute to the one and only, irreplaceable Leslie Cheung! I used most of the songs that I can remember to do a story...dedicated to all the undying fans of Leslie Cheung!

*An unbelievable six years has gone by and yet 'I Miss You Much’ from your fans did not subside. From an 'American Pie', you shot to fame and this gave you a chance to 'Start from Zero'(有零开始). You continued to 'Chase'(追) after your dreams and we, after you. As you became more and more popular, you laid your 'Naked Secrets'(赤裸的秘密) for all to see without fear.

*'Who Would Understand'(有誰共鳴)? Did it hinder your fans from loving you? No, we continue to scream for Leslie Cheung and we got to hear more and more of your romantic ballads. So when 'The Wind Starts Again'(风再起时), we knew that it is going to be 'The Unconventional Wind'(不羁的风). With that, 'Wind Continues to Blow'(风继续吹), it blew us to the magic land of 张国荣!

*When Leslie belted 'Monica', we cannot help but yelled along. So we all 'Stand Up' and dance. We 'Fall in Love with you'(为你钟情). Many 'Young Girl Thoughts'(少女心事) were of a Prince Charming. Dreams of 'Stolen Love'(偷情) grew into 'Deep Love'(儂本多情). We knew Leslie is a 'A Song at Midnight'(夜半歌声) that hooked us on.

*Now that you 'Refuse to Play Again'(拒绝再玩), we 'Lost You for Life'(一背子失去了你). We were heartbroken and we 'Blamed you for being too Beautiful'(怪你过分美丽). In the 'Dark Midnight'(黑色午夜), we left all our 'Previous Love'(当年情) behind. 'In this Lifetime'(今生今世), we 'Deeply Embrace'(深情相拥) only you. While you were singing 'Love in the Snow'(雪中情) we took a closer look at your 'Profile'(側面), it was unbearably beautiful. For this we became your 'Platonic Ones'(红颜白髪).

*Your 'Silence is Golden'(沉默是金) now. We are 'Afraid we won't meet Again'(只怕不在遇上). People asked: 'Who makes your heart goes crazy'(谁令你心痴)? It was your 'Sweet and Tenderness'(柔情蜜意) and the seductive 'Red'(红) roses that you sent to all of us.

*We have 'No intention to sleep'(无心睡眠) and keep 'Opening the Mail Box' (打开信箱). Trusting that we 'Bound to be Lucky'(始终会幸运), that all these are but a 'BAD Joke'. We 'Adore'(爱慕) you. Our wish is simple, we 'Don't need too much'(无需要太多) but we need 'Fate'(缘分) to bring us together again. Now, we no longer am able to move 'Forward to the days in the future'(奔向未来日子) with you, you chose to travel alone.

*'This Criss-Cross Love'(恋爱交叉) is 'Burning Hot'(热辣辣). Friends started to doubt our love for you. We can only say 'The Moon represents my Heart'(月亮代表我的心). When our 'Brows and Eyes meet'(眉来眼去) again, it brought out 'A Bit of Craziness'(一片痴) from 'People with Intentions'(有心人). You were a 'Big Heat'(大热), my Dear.

*Furthermore your 'Fragrant and Magnificent Distinction'(芳华绝代) made you a 'Celebrity'(明星). Is that 'Enough'(够了)? 'All Because of You'(全赖有你), our days of growing up were not so monotonous. Your news never fails to make us 'Drip Sweat'(滴汗).

*Have we lost you our 'Little Star'(小明星)? 'All These Years'(这些年来) effort of hoping to grow old with you is gone. 'When Love Became History'(当爱已成往事), we can only 'Hold on to Yesterday'(留住昨天). This is an 'Illusion'(幻影) but how do we stop 'Thinking of you'(想你)? We have even forgotten our 'Left and Right Hand'(左右手).

*'The Blues of Sadness'(蓝色憂郁) reminded us of 'Childhood days'(童年时). Will you be back as 'Lady Ghost'(倩女幽魂) Ning Cai Ceng? or Shi San Shao of 'Rouge'(艳脂扣). Maybe you should do 'Farewell my Concubine'(霸王别姬) again. 'Good if it is true'(当真就好).

*We are 'Getting Through This Together'(共同渡过). When comes April every year, we are 'Not Afraid of Loneliness'(不怕寂寞) to once again open our wound, and love you all over again.

*I am sure we all have 'A Thousand Dreams of you'.... Leslie!!

我心痛'今生今世'...'只怕不在遇上'. 当'风再起时', 我想起 '当年情'. '全赖有你'...所以能'共同渡过'. 你的'芳华绝代'显示你是'明星'. 现在的你'沉默是金'选择'拒绝再玩'. '夜半歌声' 我 '为您钟情'....



  1. Songs, like a dream,
    No attachment,
    just impermanence,
    May one wake up from it,
    whilst other prefer
    to forever in dreams

  2. Hi Robin

    No attachment,yes it is impernanence and only memories. Every aspect experienced in life, is Dharma. Just be aware and not get drown in it.

    Thanks and cheers!

  3. 我也很喜歡張國榮, 你可隨意用我blog上的相片.

    thx for link.

  4. Hi Foto Walker

    多谢你. 我会时常上你的网络.我喜欢你拍的照片.