Saturday, March 7, 2009

Celebrating Women.....

I just wrote an e-mail to my management three days ago. The message went like this...

Dear All (names of all the Department Heads right to the top man)

It is the company’s tradition for Department Heads to purchase a gift as token for all female staff on International Women’s Day. As it is, this falls on 8th March 2009.

Although the economy looks gloomy, we should not allow it to dampen the spirit of celebrating women in the work force. This year, I am proposing the (Brand) Key Chain as a token for this event. The cost is S$xxx each (inclusive of GST and an organza pouch).

By way of this e-mail, Ms X will be collecting the gifts to be distributed to your department. Kindly arrange cash payment to Ms X or to Ms Y.

Thank you,
Ms Y

I have been doing this since I cannot remember when and it has become a tradition in the company. The credit goes to my lady boss who is a big supporter. She is an example. She not only stands up for Women but to all good courses of 'corporate social responsibility'. I celebrate this Woman. She is not only a mother, a woman in the work force, a responsible woman to the society and a good motivator. With her at the forefront, the women work force in the company is respected and recognized for their importance in contributing to the home, to the society and to the country.

As we lived in Asia, our upbringing of being a woman is behind the scene. Our duty is to get married, bear children, served our husband, take care and discipline the children, take care of all problems of the household, served our in-laws and the dutiful responsibilities goes on and on. When the men in the family make it to the top of society and sons of the family became prominent, these women stand silently in the background.

On this day, I will remember my beloved Mother. Although she is no longer around, without her I will not be where I am today. Her greatness as a woman, is not only to give me life, she guided my growing up, she instill values into me, she showed me right from wrong and shows me the path to be a responsible adult

To all the great men of past, present and the coming future - you are here because of a Woman. Chinese has a proverb that goes like this "Behind every great man, there is a woman".

Therefore every year on March 8, we celebrate Women globally. It is a special day to connect women around the World. The purpose is to inspire them to grow to their full potential.

It is a day for all Men to recognize and honor their mothers, wives, girlfriends, lady colleagues, sisters, grandmothers for their contribution to the society/ World. It gives you an opportunity to buy a small token, or give a hug, or send an SMS, or makes a call to say "Thank you and I Love You for all that you are and have made me to be who I am".

With this note...Happy International Women Days to all women globally. Well wishes also go to all Men who recognize Women's contributions on this day!

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