Thursday, March 26, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

The day for Earth Hour Event is drawing nearer. As a reminder, it falls on 28th March 2009 at 8.30pm to 9.30pm Singapore Time. If you are elsewhere, do find out your country time and participate in this meaningful event.

I observed while driving along the roads that signage of this event is posted on Bus Stops. Suntec even have it displays as one of the advertisement on the big screen. You will not miss it when you stop at traffic lights along this stretch of roads leading to Marina and Nicoll Highway.

Singapore is playing her part in this Global Event. Going green is not new to us. This is a beautiful little island and well known for being green. If you have not been to Singapore, do come and visit us. It is our island, our home and I am proud of her.

So how can we spend our time this year to support this event? Well maybe the following can help....

1) Switch off all electricity at home.

2) This means your refrigerator too. You can take it that it is a 'switch-off' for you to clean your fridge.

3) Re-direct your home phone to your handphone as home phones need electricity for it to work. In this case you will not miss any incoming calls to your resident.

4) Plan a BBQ on the beach. Plan a bonfire camping. Plan an evening out with oil lamps and mahjong table at the seaside. You will love it with the sea breeze and family togetherness.

5) Plan a trip to Jek Jawa with your children. Teach them about nature and their natural habitats and what others are doing to save the environment.

6) Arrange for a Tree Top walk at Pierce Reservoir. Teach children about plants and trees and their names. You may even stumble upon some special animals or insects.

7) Book yourself and friends on a Kelong. On the Kelong you can drink beers, catch-up as well as star-gaze. With minimum lights, you will be able to see bigger and brighter stars.

8) Take your camping tents and camp at the seaside. You can swim, sleep and eat. This is a wonderful time to have a day out of the house. To get a better place, you will have to leave early to pick your favorite spots.

9) Go for nature walk and take with you a glove, a long stick and a garbage bag. Pick up plastic bottles, coke cans, broken glasses, pieces of papers etc. that are thrown around by irresponsible people. Clean up the place and the air.

10) For those that are driving, maybe for today you camp and not drive. Give your 'girl-friend' or 'wife' or whatever you call your car a break!

11) For those who do not wish to leave the house, buy scented candles, red wine, potato chips and cuddle on the sofa for one hour and whisper 'sweet nothing'!

12) This is also the best time to sit around without lights and tell spooky tales with a candle. The effect with be dramatic as it is also the All Souls month for the Chinese which begins on 27th March 2009.

9) For those that are afraid of heat, you can end up in a shopping center. I suppose there are places where the lights will still be on. So enjoy yourself.

To give back an hour to the Earth is not too much to ask. It is only an effort on our part. An hour out of the 365 days, we are talking about 0.000 fractions but when it is done together globally, it means a lot.

We have to start to take the Earth seriously. It is our only home. Have someone found some place in outer space where we can immigrate? The Moon? Even if we move there and not take care of it, the day will come when we have to have Moon Day as well.

So there is no where to escape but be responsible and aware of our thoughts and actions and what is the results. So let’s join our hands together, give the Earth back an hour. After that, try to save as much electricity as possible, whether at home or at work, it will save $$$ for your pocket.

Cheers guys, JUST DO IT!


  1. Let's all give back what the earth gave us...!

  2. I found what to do tonight for an hour. Earth Hour! THIS SATURDAY 28 MARCH AT 8.30PM. Direct inclusion of all the capitals of the world. see today.
    The most popular flash mob in the world!

  3. Hi Friends...

    Thank you for leaving a message here and sharing with me your support of this event.

    There are hotels holding promotions of 'Sleeping Naked' for Earth Hour..some creative ideas, don't you think so.

    Yes, it is great that globally people are waking up to this call. More can be done. Lets do it, not just for Earth Day but as much as we can, any day, every day!