Friday, January 29, 2010

Wise sharing...Happiness

Happiness is within oneself. Seeking it outside is like a fish in water. It is there and yet you do not see.

Happiness bought with money is only temporary.

Some time we do not feel happy but still we can give happiness to others.

How can you be happy when you keep thinking you are unhappy?

Simple thing makes simple people happy.

Happiness is not money but without money you can be unhappy.

If you built your happiness on others sorrows, how long can your happiness last?

We always say we want to be happy but when we are blessed with happiness, we do not know how to keep it.

You think happiness is fame and fortune but when you have fame and fortune, you will still feel unhappy because you want more.

Some think that Happiness is is not.

Happiness cannot be given, you owned it and you decide whether you want to let it surfaced.

Fools go around begging people to give them happiness. How can someone give you something that is inside you?

To me...

Happiness is sleep to 10am in the morning and not to worry about getting up to go to work.
Happiness is to curl up on a sofa with a cup of coffee and reading a book.
Happiness is humming a tune while trimming my plants.
Happiness is meeting friends and enjoying a meal together.
Happiness is being with myself.

I was at Pattaya in Thailand. After arriving it was 5pm in the evening. I took a stroll along the beach and realized that there was no one else there but me alone. I sat down and look out at the sea. I thought I saw a few sailboats racing around but they were no where to be seen. When I focus on the serenity around me and the peaceful sea, suddenly I was hit with a weird feeling. It was very deep, a little frightening but slowly this feeling turned into bliss. I realized that I just experienced SOLITUDE. I had the beach and the whole wide sea in front of me to myself. I am alone and yet I am not lonely. I was smiling and I am not aware of it. Friends said I have happiness written all over my face. They were curious what happened. I realized I can only show them happiness expressed on my face but I am not able to explain. Will they know when I tell them about SOLITUDE and BLISS? SOLITUDE is a very powerful feeling and BLISS starts from deep inside you. You have to experience it to know. So with these two feelings, HAPPINESS surfaced. Such feelings lasted for a long , long...time.

So HAPPINESS comes when you least expected it to.

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