Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Words of the Teachers...

I am reading a book "The Words of my Perfect Teacher" from Patrul Rinpoche. This book is important to practicing student as we always forget how be a student. We always have our own perception as to what we understand and it may not be right. Many twist the Teacher's teachings to their own advantage. Therefore I want to share some excerpts as a reminder to myself.

1) Five Wrong Ways of Remembering
Avoid remembering the words but forgetting the meaning.
Or remembering the meaning but forgetting the words.
Avoid remembering both but with no understanding.
Remembering them out of order, or remembering them incorrectly.

2) The Six Stains
Pride, lack of faith and lack of effort;
Outward distraction, inward tension and discouragement.

3) Triple Gems
Teacher is the Buddha, the Teacher is the Dharma,
The Teacher is also the Sangha.
The Teacher is the one who accomplishes everything.
The Teacher is Glorious Vajradhara.

4) Listening to Teachings
Take the lowest seat.
Cultivate the dignified bearing of thorough discipline.
With your eyes brimming with Joy.
Drink in the (Teacher) words like nectar.
And be completely concentrated.

5) The Teacher
In the beginning, skillfully examine the Teacher;
In the middle, skillfully follow him;
In the end, skillfully emulate his realization and action.
A disciple who does that is on the authentic path.

6) Death & Karma
When the moment comes to leave, O King
Neither possessions, friends nor family can follow.
But wherever beings come from, wherever they go
Their actions follows them like their own shadow.

These are some of the wisdom to contemplate on. To know more, probably have to read the whole book.

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  1. Thanks for this Timely reminder that I Must re-read this wonderful text again in 2010.

    May you have a blissful 2010