Monday, January 4, 2010

Beginning of the year 2010

I have been wondering what to post for the start of a decade. I am very laid back now that I have resigned from my job. Not that I am rich, I do need to survive but again enough is enough.

I was talking to some friends and we agreed that an ending of a decade will surely brings about unfortunate happenings. Many people felt that crossing a decade is like a 'walk-over', simple as that. For all that, they did not realized that it needs merits to be able to walk-over. Many did not 'walk-over', their lives ended in 2009.

2009 is an eventful year. The unexpected happened. The Earthquake in Sichuan carved-in swallowed thousands of families, homes and love ones...buried alive. Is there an incident like this one before? And again because of this incident, you saw the 'humane' side of people, people have not lost the pure side of themselves totally...they still have it and that is COMPASSION. You saw people helping children which is not their own but lost their own children in the disaster. You saw teachers, rushing children to safety and lost their own lives, you saw parent scarifying their own lives by using their bodies to shelter their child from falling stones and collapsing ground, you saw the World responds to there a different in skin colors?, in religion?, in countries? NO, because all our blood are red and it is warm.

In India, we saw the Mumbai shooting. Again we saw the 'humane' side of people. Hotel staff trying to save the lives of their guests hide them but they themselves lost their lives. These are the heroes, not the people who are out to take people lives. I really do not know what is it that these Mad people wanted out of the World. Justice? Fairness? Religion? How can all these evil acts win anyone over to their sides? How can we trust ourselves to a group of mad people who used cruelty. The World is such a big place, Gaia had her own cleaning system. Those who killed others will be killed. Killing innocent people can go to Heaven? That must be a pretty chaotic Heaven. I don't want to be there.

We saw the passing of Michael Jackson. Unfortunate but real. Many of us grow up with his music. His dances and songs bring comfort to million, it even gives livelihood to many. His love and support for the unfortunate and nature, can all these be fake? People are cruel and selfish. When he is down, who is besides him? Where is his family? Where are his friends? What do people want from him....MONEY! When he passed on, everyone come together to pay their me it is pretty fake. Said all the nice things about be frank, I watch the whole telecast with disgust. People calling him a fake, pick all the faults they can find in him, call him all kind of who is fake? The saga will not end here. I pity his children. I think MJ cares most is his children, they are his comfort in time of adversities. It is a pity but MJ is no longer around to protect them from this fake World.

The crushed of the financial market caused so many people to be out of jobs. Who suffers? The people at the top? NO, of course the lower level staff. If anyone is to be axed, it had to be the staff, the people on top will not axed themselves. I think my parents will never imagine that the World can go bankrupt. How did it happened? People spent money before they can even make them...all the old schools of 'spend within your means' are shear old-fashioned. Now people are in debt, banks continue to create more opportunities for people to own credit cards and more borrowing, more debts. Spending is the only way to revoke the economy, but no job how to spend?

2010 is the start again of a new decade. What is in stored? The World is what we make it to be and we will see more mad people going around taking innocent lives and we will see more disasters, Global warming? some think it is too far away for now and others think that it is the job of some others. By end of 2010, we will see our scores. Meantime I will continue to pray, and many others too are praying for World peace and the safety of all Beings.

Have a Safe 2010.


  1. I'm hoping that all of those people who were filled with love and compassion in 2009 ... the ones who reached out and helped others ... I'm hoping that their genuine goodness spreads to all of us and that the world will be a better place in 2010!

    And I wish you happiness ... always!

    Small Footprints

  2. Thanks Small. All the best to you in 2010. I too pray that people are kinder to themselves and others.