Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First diaster of 2010

As we moved into 2010, I said earlier that I am afraid that Mother Nature will be expressing more of her anger. In recent years we saw Tsunami that hit Asia, Cyclone that hit Myanmar, Earthquake that hit Sizchuan and now Earthquake that hit Haiti.

Reports said that a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti took an estimated 200,000 lives. Again an unexpected event shook the world. This earthquake took away so many precious lives and love ones from the surface of the earth, leaving so many homeless and heartbroken.

While countries stepped up to the calls for assistance with monies and assistance, there are those that work tirelessly to recover as many lives as they can. While the seconds and minutes tickle away, chances of recovering the people caught beneath all the rambles get lesser and lesser. I salute the people, organizations and medical people that work at the fastest and best speed to save as many lives as possible. I saw with heart warming joy when the rescue team pulled out a little child. I read with pain that because of the earthquake, the hospital is down with electricity. I sigh because people became frantic and irrational when rushing for food and water. There are more casualties. Looters took opportunities of the diaster and started looting when the military and police are busy saving lives. I cannot imagine people's hearts are so selfish that they took such ruthless way to get rich.

As I watched the news update, it brought tears to my eyes. People need help and so many places were affected and everything is in a mess, how to help all at once. No matter how desperate, help can only be available with limited hands.

We are so helpless against Mother Nature. When she wields her anger, wind howls, sea roars,earth cracked and people die. Only the recent years that all these are becoming more apparent. Has all these got something to do with all the harm we did to Mother Nature? Mother Nature is changing herself. The landscape is changing, weather changes, plants changed, animals extinct and some funny animals will appear (as it did after Tsunami because some new seas creatures and fishes surfaced), people are changing too. I read with much regret that some big power do not care much about the calls for Green.

Buddha taught impermanence. If the world need to change, it will. If the world need to clean up, she will. It is just something which is gradually happening. I am no psychic. Look around us. Sadden by the event, I can only direct my prayers to those unfortunate that they rest in peace. To those alive, may they have the strengthen to go on living, and now living with meaning and love.

I got an email from Blogger Unite however there are no collection of funds by any organization here in Singapore for Haiti. I wanted to donate to Doctors without Boarder but they do not accept direct donations from Singapore. I will have to assist in some other way.

Ohm Mani Padme Hum

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