Friday, January 15, 2010

Life journey...

Where did I come from?
Who am i?
How is it that there is me?
What make the start of me?

Since I first became
I started a journey
I traveled far and wide
I experienced good and bad
I wondered in the Realms of
God and Man
Hungry ghost and animals
And did I roast in Hell?

To have this precious perfect body
Complete with full faculties
Living in the time and the land
Where a Buddha had arrived
To drink his nectar of Teachings
To know HIM, listen to HIM
Ponder on HIS words,
Bathe in HIS compassion

I have myself to thank
With HIS guidance
I know where I want to go
My final destination
Not my final resting place
When HE relentlessly give us a GPS
There are the Bodhisattva who
Work tirelessly, unselfishly showing
Us the WAY

I have wondered in Samsara
And dust and dirt
have thicken my mirror
I no longer remember how I look like
But my ears are not deaf
now I take a piece of cloth
Diligently rubbing the mirror
Knowing one day I will
See the real ME

From now to than
I will still stray when
Encountering Samsaric landscapes
They are alluring,
hypnotically beautiful
But they are not real
I may wondered off

BUT I must not lose my VIEW,
my GPS and my Bodhicitta
or else I will lost my way
Oh! Lotus Borned,
show me the way
Oh! the Compassionate Ones
Pull me back when I strayed

Until I reach my final destination
May my wondering in Samsara be
In the Human Realm
Born into Good family
and in a blessed land where
Buddha’s Dharma is easily available
True Buddha ‘s Sangha is easily available
Place of Practice is easily available

I wish and pray, not just for myself
But for all Sentient, Infinite beings too
That we reach the shore of liberation
And suffer no more

Namo Buddhaya

...Lian/ 2010

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