Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Good Story to Share....

One day a Blindman and his dog was crossing the street. A big lorry lost control and hit the Blindman. The dog trained to protect its master died with him too.

The Blindman and dog came to Heaven's Gate. An Angel Gatekeeper looked at them and said "I am sorry we only have one place left and only one of you can go into Heaven and the other have to go to Hell".

The Blindman said "My dog does not know what is Heaven and what is Hell, can I decide who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell?".

The Angel Gatekeeper felt disgusted. Raising an eye brow, he said " I am sorry sir, every soul have an equal right to Heaven. Both of you have to compete to see who enters Heaven's Gate". The Blindman was disappointed and yet he asked "So how shall we compete?".

The Angel Gatekeeper said "It is easy, the both of you just have to run from here to Heaven's Gate and the winner has the right to Heaven. Anyway you need not worry since you are dead and therefore you are no longer blind. You are much lighter without the grossness of the body...the purer your spirit, the faster you shall run." The Blindman agreed.

"On your mart, get set...GO!", the Angel Gatekeeper shouted. He thought that the Blindman will run as fast as he can to reach Heaven's Gate. Instead the Blindman took his time. The Angel Gatekeeper was surprised that the dog, instead of racing ahead was running beside its master. The dog did not run faster nor lacked behind but keeping pace with it's master. The Angel Gatekeeper realized that the dog was trained to lead the blind and it is an in depth habit that the dog will forever be with it's master and protect him. The Angel Gatekeeper thought to himself "So the Blindman is using this point to beat the dog to Heaven. Upon reaching Heaven's gate, he can always tell the dog to 'sit' and he can enter Heaven's Gate himself. How selfish!"

The Angel Gatekeeper watched with deep sympathy at the faithful dog and he said with sadness "You have sacrificed your life for your master and now that your master is no longer blind, you need not lead the way, ran fast and enter Heaven's Gate!" No matter what the Angel Gatekeeper said, the dog continued to ran next to it's master like they were going for a run.

True enough like what the Angel Gatekeeper thought, upon reaching Heaven's Gate, the Blindman told the dog to stop and sit. The Angel Gatekeeper looked at the Blindman with contempt. The Blindman turned, smiled at the Angel Gatekeeper and said " I finally sent my dog to Heaven's Gate. I was afraid that he could not find the way and wanted to be with me, so I thought of this way to lead him here. Please take good care of him, thank you." The Angel Gatekeeper was shocked.

The Blindman looked at his dog fondly and said " This is a good way to decide the winner because when I tell him to go, he just have to run into Heaven. This dog is my companion, my friend, my walking stick and this is the first time I saw him with my own eyes. This is also the reason why I took my own pace to run to Heaven's Gate. I wanted to spend a little more time with him. If possible I will like to see him enter Heaven with my own eyes. This should be the place for him." Once again, the Blindman said "Please take good care of him."

With this, the Blindman told the dog 'GO!'. The dog ran towards Heaven's Gate and the Blindman fell towards Hell like a feather. With just one more step to enter Heaven, the dog turned and saw his master falling. The dog immediately turned and ran after its master. The Angel Gatekeeper regretted his decision and hope to catch the dog but because the Blindman and the dog both have pure spirits, their speed were even faster than an Angel. Whether Heaven or Hell, the dog just wanted to be with its master and no where else.

The Angel Gatekeeper stood at Hell's Gate and thought to himself "I am wrong in the first place. These two pure spirits are actually one and how can I forced them to be separated?"

The morale of the story .....

In this world, there is only one Truth. However people always have their own perception and they are not able to distinguish the Truth. Do you know why? Because we are always subjective, we always stand on our ground and more or less take sides or use our past experiences or hurts to measure others goodness. Please do not 'type-set' others characters as you maybe wrong.

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  1. It's so true that we say Dogs are men's best friends. The dog is so loyal to its master. Touching story!