Monday, February 15, 2010



crucial to the body. Yes, not only human but animals and plants as well. Imagine there is no water, not even water of the ocean...what will happen? There will be no lives on this planet.

So how much water do you need to drink a day to make you healthy? Experts and water fanatics will tell you all the measurements you need to know. However a friend made it simple for me...

Two glasses of water - 30 minutes before meal and it will help you with your digestion. It will also make you full so you eat less. Good for those who wants to look good, slim and attractive.

One glass of water after waking up from a sleep to help activate your internal organs.

One glass of water before you go to bed sleep. The purpose is to avoid stroke or heart attack...and

One glass of water before taking a bath to help lower blood pressure.

Cool! Actually there are more water in our body than blood. I know the experts said so BUT I saw it with my own eyes when I saw an embalming taking place.

There were times when I drink only COKE and not water. It went on for 4 to 5 years. I count myself lucky that I did not get diabetic. The nightmare is I might not have blood but COKE in my blood vessels. I stopped and.....I lost weight!

H2O = Water = Sky Juice is healthy for the body. Beauties will tell you that it keeps their skin glowing and it keeps out the 'fats' and the 'sugar'.

Long ago Chinese Physician used Rain Water to boil their medicine. Don't get me had to be 'Rootless Water'. This mean water falling from the sky and have not touch the ground. Now we give the magical, indispensable H2O names like Aqua, Mineral Water, Distill Water and New Water (recycled water from the....)

I learnt of a story...

A few men set sails to see the World. Along the journey they finished all the drinking water and had to drink sea water. Sea water is salty and did not quench their thirst but instead made them even more thirsty. Thinking they were going to die, they kneel and pray for rain. A Sea God appeared and said..."If you can answer my question, you shall have all the drinking water you want. Which do you want...oceans of water or a pail of drinking water?". The most crew were silent, some were debating and the Captain said..."I want the pail of drinking water! Oceans of sea water will not quench thirst BUT a small pail of pure drinking water can save lives!".

It is human to want and hesitate when it comes to making decisions of 'having more' or 'having less'...but how many have the wisdom to see the Truth?

Water is like is necessary if you want to stay alive. SO, please drink enough water and at the same time please do not waste water.

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