Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Memory Lane....

These are the recent pictures of the house I stayed as a kid and the donkey I spoke about. Thanks to my brother Fook, sister Lian, my brother Kelly and niece Wendy, we drove across the border to my birth place and hometown. I do not know whether it was a coincident as sister Lian said that it had not rain for days, today it was raining cats and dogs. I was emotional, the sky was crying. There were strong winds and heavy rain beating on me but I stood with an umbrella to capture the pictures of my memories. If you look carefully at the picture of the donkey, my camera captured the raindrops and you will know how heavy the rain was. I believed that my returned marked the beginning and ending of what was in the past and make peace within me.

This is how the house looked back then. The openness of the place remains. (Attach picture of the old house).

Looking at the peaceful environment it reminds me of the country I am living in now. We are a modern and developed country but the heart of people are more complicated. We have to guard our properties, lock our doors and windows and there is little or no inte
raction with neighbors. What is wrong with this society???

Looking at the peaceful road, I cannot stop comparing cars running around, careless impatient drives, honing and refusing to give ways from where I lived now. This quiet environment is heaven. You may call it laid-back but are we not looking for a place to run away to rest our soul and mind? Are you able to live here?

Developed countries have their pros and cons. The more advance, the more complicated. Do you call this a third world country? Do I mind living here? Chinese saying “No matter how far you roam, your heart lies at home ". The country I am living in now has given me a place I call 'home'. I am a citizen but not by birth. The government is great. The people are well look after but people are criticizing and blaming the government for restrictions, for making them pay and pay but they forget that the government provides a safe haven for their children and family. Another Chinese saying "When is a man's heart contented?" I wonder these criticizing people - will they make a good government or they probably have problem keeping their household at peace. I believe as we grow, we forget how to be grateful, thankful and count our blessings. We count what we cannot have but forgotten what we have. Have you known of a country that most of their citizens own a house? This is where I lived now....make a GUESS!

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