Thursday, May 15, 2008

Animal Beauty 2

I am coughing badly. Caught this virus overseas and took medicine from Doctors. It is stubborn enough not to go away.

Tonight I wanted to share more pictures with you.
I caught this frog giving birth. This is really candid. She was so still and initially I thought that she was a fake frog. Can you see how many little frogs? Look at this two. Unusual right? A tortoise and a Mandarin Duck. So are they friend or foe? The tortoise looked as if he was turning his head away. The Duck looked so forlorn and sad.
Here is a playful pair. They were trying to pull that container down. One allowed the other to use her back to reach higher. Does this remind us of some playful kids or we did this before? Elly has long memory. Don't do anything nasty to them when you are near them or they will remember you for Life! This creature with such a huge body and yet so gentle.

So much for tonight. Wanted to continue my story but this uncomfortable cough is hurting my throat. My mind is exhausted too...haiz....!


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