Tuesday, May 6, 2008

As a child...

Dad worked for an oil & gas company as a Finance Manager. Mum was a housewife. Between them, they only have one child and that was my elder sister, Wai. She was 20 years old when I was born. I am lucky because when my adopted parents brought me home, Dad got his promotion. Therefore I am a lucky baby and the darling of my Dad. Wai had to take care of me and when I cried, she got all the canning. I was one year old when she got married. Wai was pretty but she got one leg that is the size of an elephant. Mum said something bit her and her leg has been like that ever since. It was also because of this abnormality that she was married to my brother in law. It was a match made married.

When I was young, I used to play outside my house. We lived in a house that was allocated by the company. It was a nice house. This place where we lived needs neither gate nor fencing unlike where I lived now, everything is under lock and key. Not far from my house was an oil mining donkey. I was fascinated as a kid at this nodding donkey. As I grew I realized it was actually mining oil. I had no playmate but I had two dogs that guarded me faithfully. They growled when strangers came near me. That was how my parents protected me.

Dad use to bring me to the company’s club and while he drank beers and interact with his colleagues, I had my vanilla ice-cream. Dad brought me where he went socially. Am I a spoilt kid? No, I am not but just a lucky kid. As I grew older, Mum & Dad used to bring me to a family most weekend. Both Uncle and Aunt worked in a household as Chef and Housekeeper. They have two boys. Because the house was by the beach, we ran around and swam while the adults did their catching up. I called these two boys Kor Kors (brothers). I always looked forward to weekends so that I can get out of the house and be by the beach. I love the beach with rows and rows of casuarina trees but the seeds hurt my feet when I stepped on them. There was also a round swimming pool and we get to go swim there when the Boss was out of town. Childhood was fun. As a kid, I followed Dad & Mum for many holidays. HongKong was the place because my mother's sister lived there. Oh! every time when we spoke about this, Mum would teased me saying "You are a lazy child, you are heavy and yet you refused to walk and your Dad and I have to carry you around." At that, I can only smile as I know my parents loved me. I remembered we travelled on cruise ship from home to HongKong. Today cruise ship is luxury.

As a child, I love ice cream and cakes. My first love was EGGS !! Yes, eggs and I can eat plenty a day - any style - uncooked, half boiled, hard boiled, sunny-side up, omelet, break it into hot Milo, pouched it with soup...as long as it is EGG...humm.m.m.m. I am extremely happy. I was also reminded that I have a habit of kicking a fuss if my milk is not filled to the brim of the milk bottle and I refused to drink it. Naughty right?
Time passed and I do not know when I had a sister named Ya and a younger brother named Meng. We are about three years different from each other. I am Dad's darling and naturally Meng, being the only boy and youngest was the favorite of both my parents. As for Ya, Mum loved her most. Ya used to have fit and it comes without warning and it happened two or three times a day. As I grew older, I realized that Ya and Meng and I came from the same natural parents. Three children given to the same family.

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