Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today, I learnt that Ya is going through some challenges in life. She has this guy friend that was with her for more than 10 years. There is an age gap between them and Ya is older. We always hope that they will have a good ending but things do not work out that way.

As much as he had supported Ya emotionally and so has she. However it seems that he had lots to hide. Other than Ya, he is seeing someone else. I thought that he would be frank with Ya. Unfortunately 'No'. Ya found out that he is double crossing as she was hurt.

Upon asking, he admitted that there is another woman. He said that he just met her and he did not expect that she turned up at his doorstep. So they have been sleeping together.

Ya was hurt but she did not want me to worry. Between Meng and she, they kept it from me. Even if I know, what can I do? This is a matter of the heart and I am in no position to interfere although I am angry for Ya.

He had the cheek to call Ya and told her that he had some discharge and wanted to see a doctor. Ya works in a polyclinic. Although she is sad but she recommended a doctor. Apparently that woman had cold sore and this is contagious. Now he had it. It is ironical. Must a girl sleep with someone to hold his affection? To me I think to sleep and not to sleep come to the same - if he does not love you, whatever you do will not change his mind.

Ya is stronger than me. She choose to remain as friend. I would have kept away from someone who is not sincere in a friendship or a relationship

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