Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wise sayings continue....

We are our own enemy
A dog saw his own reflection in a pond when he went to drink. He was frightened by this reflection and ran away. After a while it came back again to see if that ‘dog’ has gone. He did it so many times that at a point of frustration, it rushed into the pond to chase that ‘dog’ away. Thus drowning itself.

Recognizing our weakness
We are like a useless sword. A sword cannot cut itself. Just like our EGO, it cannot liberate itself until someone reminds us. Therefore Buddha’s 84,000 trainings to achieve liberation.

Look at oneself
We tend to look at the happenings around us and got dragged in. It instigated our emotions, anger and desires because of ignorance, thus lost our peace of mind.

A friend went on vacation sent you a postcard. This is about the place he visited. Therefore all religions are like a vacation destination and friends sent postcards to show us the beauty of the place. You have to be there to see for yourself or else, it is simply a useless postcard.

ex and Death
How alike the groans of Love to those of the Dying – Malcolm Lowry

The Other Shore
Few among men crossed over to the Other Shore. Many of us just ran up and down this shore talking about the Other Shore.

Men can never have what he wants…because…he wants everything. A bird in hand is worth two in the bush BUT, did we ever learn this simple wisdom? That is how ‘gamblers’ fall into eternal pits.

I like this one…
Men use ‘subjective’ to mean anything personal, idiosyncratic or just plain wrong. ‘Objective’ is supposed to be back-up by observations. To think what is ‘objective’ only exists in your own mind, not that of others. You imagine everything in your own mind, you cannot imagine all that is not in your own mind…..SO where is ‘objectivity’?

The Truth of ‘Now’
The past and future do not exist. There is only Now and that is what there always has been and always will be. Do not follow the past, no matter how glorious. Do not preempt the future but work hard Now for it.

Search others for their virtues and search oneself for vices. We tend to see others wrong and forget the kindness that person has done for us. We never say “what have I done wrong BUT he is Wrong!”

So much sharing at this point….

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