Thursday, October 1, 2009


For many years
I have fulfilled my duty
as a daughter
Seldom did I give thoughts
to myself

Living, Duty, Responsibilities
actions, words, feelings
cravings, workings
interacting are so robotics
I know

In this dreamlike world
I have committed enough karma
I have wished myself dead
at the point I think I am
most pure in body, speech and mind

But I did not and I remain
in Samsara
My body, speech and mind
turned like the cart wheel
I know but I cannot control

It is my lacking in understanding
What am I searching for
What is that that I wanted
for myself when
Life ending?

Now is the time
When I am more aware
aware of my thoughts
my speech and my feelings
Ohm Benza Sato Hum

All said is not said
All felt is not real
All perceived are but
the play of the Mind
Watch it like a movie

Now I wanted
to increase my Bodhicitta
to fulfill my aspirations
like that of the
King of Aspirations - Samantabadra!

I have never been more
May I see sufferings around me
like my Own and
strives for liberation
for myself and others....

Ohm Ah Hum Guru Padma Siddhi Hum! x 3

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