Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mid Autum....09

Happiness is in the air
on Mid Autumn Night
Many have bought their stocks
Others have received their presents

Nothing like all the beautiful mooncakes
Sweet and salty ones
big and small in all kind of shapes
but don't forget your fragrant teas

It is a night of reunion
It is a night of love
It is a night of anticipation
It is a night of thanksgivings

Mid Autumn celebrates good harvesting
Celebrates all hard works
that was possible by investing
blood, sweat and tears

Story that the Moon Maiden
flew to the Moon with a Rabbit
To save all her countrymen
from a tyrant King

Others said it was a revolution
with secret messages store in
the heart of the sweet cakes
another way to save the countrymen

So celebrates with your family and friends
with mooncakes, fragrant teas,
brightly lighted lanterns, and
don't forget your smiles to go with

Wishing all visiting here a Happy Aid Autumn Festival night!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oooo!! BING PEI! I missed BING PEI the most.. but my mummy bought me 8 moon cakes.. finished them before 3rd though.. (hehe)

    ate lots of moon cakes?