Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Talking about Pets...

I do not have a pet at home. I find them emotionally draining. Please don’t think that I do not love animals, I do. Especially dogs, so so for cats and as for the more exotic ones, I am apprehensive or I am scare to handle them.

Keeping a pet is a family decision. Some members can accept and some can’t, so I gave up because I know my pet will not be taken care of lovingly when I am away. I kept some fishes and although fishes are not dogs (dog will ran to you, you can rub them, touch them, hug them and bring them out with you) but they are adorable. As for fish, it is an indoor thingy. However my one and only fish seems to know me. When other approached the fish tank, it moved backward but when I walked towards the fish tank, it swam round and round the tank in fast speed. It also moves towards me when I put my face towards the tank. I love ‘it’ to bits. I managed to keep it for three years and virus attacked. I tried saving it but it died.

I had a friend who kept a chinchilla. This rat family is slightly larger than rats. There was a pair. My friend loves it to bits. Well, this animal is so small and they are fragile. So one was attacked by virus and the ear started rotting. She took Cin to Vet but it died. Subsequently the other one died of loneliness after a few days. She cried for days.

Another of my friend had a cat the size of Garfield. She is so big and fat and very snobbish. Don’t you touch her without her Mistress around or she will claw you. Her size is big enough to frighten you, let alone her fierce look. So do not think that house pet are harmless and tamed, some are not. Well this cat named Kus was found breathless and the Mistress took her quickly to a Vet. Kus did not make it. No amount of CPR could revive her, she died yesterday. Her Mistress sent me a distressed SMS…that Kus passed on. She was so sad and had to arrange for pet burial. Kus will be cremated.

So PET BURIAL is big business. I think it is right to treat one’s pet decently. After all the years, the pet is like part of the family. Giving it a proper burial is a must and it also depends on your pocket. I have friends who just buried their dogs in the park, or gardens after doing a prayer ceremony for the departed.

Keeping a pet is therapeutic. Pets are exceptionally good for people who need a companion. Keeping a pet give you something to look forward to after a day of hard work. You feel great when you reach home and your dog is waging its tail crazy. When you are sad, you hug your dog and she quietly let you do so sensing that you are down. You can confide in your dog and talk rubbish and the dog will look at you with soulful eyes. Rest assured it won’t repeat what you said.

Cats lovers will be wondering that in my world probably I only know about dogs and they are right. I am sorry. I find cats lack loyalty and a sense of belonging and their insolent attitude is not for me. You open your door and your cat will disappear in a minute. Some come back but some don’t. I have a friend whose beautiful cat disappeared for three months. When we thought that someone must have stolen it, it came back with fur dirty, smelly, and skinny. Yup! It went gallivanting, casanova around and forgets about the Owner. How did it finds its way home????

Of course I have a friend who kept some Terrapins. Many people who are ignorant think that this is a tortoise or a turtle…no! Terrapins are carnivorous. So don’t put your finger in front of his mouth or he will bite it off.

The richer friends’ families kept Koi. I have a friend who turned their swimming pool to a Koi pool. WoW! This fish can turn out to be a giant. They are so big and yet so graceful. Watching them swimming around is a good mind relaxing past time. I like those with spots, the one color ones are pretty too. I was wondering how did the fish get its gold color? There must be certain amount of gold to get that color – Hum.m.m. probably it had gold in its stomach! DON’t you dare cut one up to see, I am only assuming.

Of course there are snakes, parrots, Dragon Fish, Spider (tarantula), ball python, Turtles, scorpions, porcupines, crocodile….etc. You name it, People will want to keep if the authority allows it BUT some keep without the authority knowing it.

I would love to keep a porcupine. I saw one on my trip to Sri Lanka. Never laid an eye on a real thing before. It is not a small thing, it is large. The Owner tied it on a string for all to view. You have to pay something, so this porcupine is money making pet. I saw the pines, lovely! They can be used to make products, it is quite hardy. I think a porcupine suits me well….I like pines. It is not an animal to keep around, it is surely no pet BUT you will love one when you saw it.

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  1. I've had turtles, hamsters, squirrels, and fishes for pet, but all with sad endings.. (sob!) will post about them later when I have time... yeah, keeping pets are your own responsibility. I used to beg my mom to allow me to get a dog, but my mom said "it's already hard to raise you up, let alone dogs!" .... ha..ha.. now that I'm grown up, I kinda have the same thinking... I've gotta save for my future kids, so why pets now. It's weird, but I got what she meant now... (smile)