Saturday, October 17, 2009

The 100 syllables mantra

This is a different way of singing priase to Varjasattva. I love this mantra and now hearing it in rap form is wonderful.

The song title is 'Reincarnation' and it is sung by Singa Rinpoche...

VAJRA SATTVA SA MA YA = The Vajrasattva samayas

MA NU PA LA YA VAJRA SATTVA = Grant your protection Vajrasattva.

TE NO PA TISITTHA DRI DHO ME BHA WA = Remain firm in me.

SU TO KA YO ME BHA WA = Make me totally satisfied.

SU PO KA YO ME BHA WA = Increase the positive within me.

ANU RAKTO ME BHA WA = Be loving towards me.

SARVA SIDDHIM ME PRA YATSA = bestow all the Accomplishments.

SARVA KARMA SU TSA ME = As well as all the Activities.

TSITTAM SHRE YAM KU RU = Make my mind virtuous!

HUM = Is the heart essence seed syllable.

HA HA HA HA = symbolizes the four Boundless, four Empowerments, four Joys, and the four kayas.

HO = Is the sound of joyous laughter in them.

BHA GA WAN SARVA TA THA GA TA = Bhagawan, All the tathagatas.

VAJRA MA ME MUNTSA = Vajrasttva don’t abandon me.

VAJRI BHA WA = I pray that I may become a Vajra holder.

MA HA SA MA YA SATTVA = Great Samaya Sattva.

AH Signifies uniting in non-duality.

All beautiful music singing praise to venerate the Buddhas creates joy and hold fast one's faith in the religion. It reminds us of the compassion and Bodhicitta of the Victorious ones which we can aspire to be. With this merits, I rejoice. May all beings who see, hear of recite this mantra be purified of their negative actions, may they be free from sufferings and attain Enligntenment.

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