Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thoughts sharing...

Churches in England and Temples in Thailand were strange places. Tourists tend to enjoy the quietness of a church, often set in pretty scenery. It provides a little calm in the middle of the rush and busy daily life. However, it contrasted with the temples in Thailand. Temples are like busy shops. People come and go all day long and every day. They don’t smell of old hymnbooks and rising dampness but of scent from the incense. They have chimes and allow the wind to ring them OR they will provide a stick for visitors to beat the bells themselves.

Talking about fusion food and culture melting pots, a group of tourists arrived in a town in England and wanted to eat pizzas. After asking around, they were pointed to a Chinese restaurant. Truly they have pizzas on the menu. The group of tourists thoroughly enjoyed the pizzas and was amazed that the Chinese restaurant did such delicious pizzas. Curious, they asked the Owner…and…the Owner said “Oh, that is easy, we have a large number of Jewish clients!”…???

While a car is a mass of steel wrapping human inside them, where else it is human wrapping a mass of steel in the case of a motorbike. Which is more dangerous!

Driving along busy Serangoon Road in Singapore, this place has another name “Little India”. The name implies that there are many Indians living and socializing at this place. One day a friend from abroad asked his friend who is driving along here, who have to stop or slow down every now and then to avoid hitting a ‘dashing across the street’ Indian although there are Pedestrians Crossings..."why are the Indian dashing across the roads, it is dangerous!" The friend smiled and answered, “These Indian are workers from Bangladesh. The name already said that Blangah…’dash’!. So, they ‘dash’ Instead of using the crossings because they are not taught to do so!

One day a friend from abroad was driving along the roads of Singapore with his friend and was amused at the Singapore traffics. “Is Singaporean in such a rush, they seems to be driving more like beating the drivers in front of them than driving safely? They also seem to enjoy beating traffic lights?" A Singapore friend replied “Did you see all those flickering ‘Left Turn’ or ‘Right Turn’ indicator lights? No one acknowledge them, Singaporean is not only sel- centered, and they are at the same time blind!

A foreign friend went to a Food Court trying to get some food. It was lunch time and after getting his food trying to find a place to sit. He walked to an empty table. When trying to sit down, a flustered girl walked up to him and said ‘This table is occupied!’ My friend looked up at her and said ‘but no one is sitting here?’ She glared at him and said ‘Can’t you see all these tissue papers on the table?" He was thinking…’what a strange Singapore!'.

foreign friend and his Singapore friend got some food from the Food Court and were looking around for a place to sit. They found that all the tables were taken. Groups of people where sitting, eating and talking at the same time. However he noticed that there were some who have finished their food and they were still sitting there talking, oblivious to the fact that there are others trying to find a sitting place to eat their food.

One day after a prayer session, the master and all devotees recited a merit sharing prayers. “May all sentient beings be well and happy, May they be free from sufferings and May they be enlightened’. Ah Meng said ‘Does this include Ah Beng? He is not nice to me. Can we exclude him? The Master said ‘Sentient Beings mean all beings, regardless. It includes people who are nice to you and people who are (as you think) not nice to you. The fundamental of Buddhism is Bodhicitta.”


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