Saturday, November 28, 2009

World Aids Day - 1st December

Every year, when it gets nearer to 1st December, it reminds me of friends whose lives were wasted on AIDS. This is actually unnecessary, with precaution and some aspect of control and self respect...for oneself and others. Many have been said and my little nagging here won't be heard but still I wanted to do my part. All these banners, done through the years, show that the World care how you live. It is also one of the way to protect the innocent. Please, before you think you are the luckiest person around, take steps to protect yourself. Don't get AIDS, because the stake is too high to pay. This game not only claims $$$, it claims your dignity, trust and exposed the hidden 'YOU'. This game is a MUST payback...and it can only be paid with your LIFE! This article is also in support of Bloggers Unite!

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