Sunday, September 6, 2009

The All Seeing Eyes...Great Stupa

Sitting in Kathamadu is one for the world most holy STUPA. The Great Stupa to me is an All Seeing Eyes of the Buddhas. The magnificent of the Stupa and what it represents to all Buddhists are immeasurable - It is a Wish Fulfilling Gem.

I visited Nepal a few times and I never failed to visit this place. To circumambulates the Great Stupa creates concentration of the mind. Once the mind is focus, negative thoughts have no opportunity to arise. Thus giving the mind a rest from all the worries and defilement of the World.

Today I want to share with you the goodness of the Great Stupa. If you visit Nepal, do visit it. By setting an eye on the Great Stupa creates merits, let alone walking around it or within it's vicinity.

Recently I am very fortunate to meet a Group of people who lights up a 1000 lamps at this holy place and I hope to participate in this project in future. You will ask - what is the goodness? It is not lighting 1000 lamps or 1 lamp.... it is lighting the lamp with your pure, compassionate and sincere heart.

Therefore the merits of this Great Stupa is....

"The benefits and favours of any living creature, who with a pure heart prostrates himself before the Great Stupa, circumambulates it and adores it are inconceivable and incalculable beyond the expression of the Buddhas of the past, present and future, for those stones were laid in order to bring inconceivable joy to humanity. As this Great Stupa is the supreme receptacle of the Mind of the Buddhas of the past, present and the future, so it is the plane of adoration of both mundane and supramundane beings; to both men and gods, whatever supplication is made and whatever prayer is offered, all wishes will be granted and even supreme realization and spiritual power may be obtained...Guru Rinpoche".

With this merits, May all Beings be Well and Happy.....

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