Sunday, September 20, 2009

5 years old Talent...

I had a wonderful but tiring day on 19.9.09. Got a call from Rinpoche at 7am in the morning. Because I need to do certain pujas for my sister, I have been running around getting ready all offerings. The preparation and puja came to a completion at 4pm. In the evening I attended Green Tara prayers and only got to come home at 10pm.

A friend sent me a video link from Youtube on this blind Korean Girl. It is a kind of star search program. Chinese sayings 'Blind in the eyes but not in the heart'. Some of us have eyes but we are blind. I believe all those that sat in front of the TV and audiences watching live were moved to tears - at a tender age and yet so talented. See how she played the piano just by listening and used her finger to find the right keys. She has a beautiful voice too. Here you are in case you have missed this...enjoy!

Happy weekend...

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