Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rainbow Lights...Happy Birthday Rinpoche

On 6th September 09, Center organized a Rainbow Lights event to celebrate Shangpa Rinpoche's Birthday in advance. All devotees donated to these candles and the final counting of lights was 3081 pieces.

To be able to offer lights to the Buddhas is an auspicious affair. Lights is to dispel darkness. Darkness is ignorance and the significant is also to dispel ignorance. Lighting a candle is to give light to one so that we can see clearly what is ahead of us and not fall into pit holes. Lighting lights for Rinpoche's long life is one thing we all wanted to do for our precious teacher.

I can see Rinpoche was very happy. He has good memory as he mentioned that he saw old friends and new faces as well. To complete this celebration, Rinpoche gave us the Amitayus empowerment. He also gave us Manjusri's initiation so that we are able to increase our wisdom.

The highlights of the evening were :

1) The recitation of the King of Aspirations Prayers.
2) The distribution of precious Amitayus, Manjusri and Mani pills in a beautiful bamboo container with the words 'Ohm Mani Padme Hum' inscribed on it. We can consumed the pills or wear it around our neck like a pendent.
3) The singing of Happy Birthday song in both Chinese and English and cake cutting. All devotees who attended the celebration each got a piece of cake.
4) We were also given milk tea and Tibetan sticky rice on this special day.
5) Of course we all 'yelled'...YUM SENG! No, we did not drink liquor, We toast to Rinpoche long life and good health with milk tea.

We all got blessings by two Rinpoches...Shangpa Rinpoche and Tampeh Ningma Rinpoche. Everyone was very happy. There were plenty to eat, even to take home.

As for me, I pray and wish Rinpoche long life. May Rinpoche fulfilled all his aspirations on things he wanted to do, for both the sanghas as well as devotees. May all good conditions arise so that Rinpoche can achieve his wishes. May Rinpoche continue with his Teachings. Let Beings hear from Rinpoche directly or reading via his Blog and be connected to a good teacher.

Happy Birthday Rinpoche! The bigger candles will burnt until 12th September 2009. These are the well wishes and the hearts of all those that venerate and respect Rinpoche from Vision Journey and Center.



  1. Thanks for everyones good wishes and I too wish you all happy healthy and fulfilment of all your noble wishes. You presented about birthday at Chagzog Damcho Centre very well. I really enjoyed that night with you people.

  2. Thank you Rinpoche for dropping by. Enjoy your birthday today.

  3. Happy Birthday, our precious Rinpoche.