Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wat's Up?

Took leave on a Friday
Away from work
But got nothing to do
Drove out aimlessly
Wondering what life's all about

Stopped by a new shopping center
Ah huh! why not check it out
Parked my car, taking my Kipling with me
Jumped inside a just in time 'lift'
It lifted me to the top most floor

That's my style, always check out the top
Than make my way slowly downwards
Shop by shop and stall by stall
What are they selling that I need more

BUT there are plentiful food stalls
Chinese, Indian, Western, Japanese
Burgers and Fusion to end it all
Smell of food 'revolts' my stomach
None 'wet' my appetites

Finally sat in Coffee Bean
My all time favorite chain stall
Can I have a large hot chocolate
filled with marshmallows
and my carrot cake to follow

Curled up on a big sofa
Hum.m. comfortable
Air-con to cool my body

and hot choco to warm my guts
Dreamingly - watch the World goes by

What is more relaxing than
being alone with my
fav cuppa and
munching my cake
Heck-care to the World out there!

People come and people go
People up the escalator and down the lift
All these busy activities
did not bother me at all
For I smile at all the 'busy-ness'

It is a form to show that we are alive
and nothing more!


  1. did u smell the fresh flowers today?
    did u feel the warm wind caressing your leg?
    did u look at the sky through your finger?
    did u feel the life around you today?

    Yes being alive is a wonderful feeling.. and yes having hear the teachings of the Buddha is a blessing.

  2. I did, on the way to the grave.
    I did, it is not the wind but his love
    Not through my fingers but through my eyes...endless graves and the sky
    I did, all the early buzz of cars tell me I am alive!

  3. Is that the habit you acquired in Jade Bristol in Male? Ha.a.a. we are all doing that!

  4. This made interesting reading!!!