Thursday, July 23, 2009

A gift....

Below are some of my reflections. This came about when I was sending my brother to hospital as my sister is having a check-up. He is going through some betrayers by friends and he is caught in the web of 'What did I do wrong?'

As a sister, I told him “I wanted to give both you and Judy (my sister) a gift. All worldly things will never give you permanent happiness. That is why I enrolled the both of you in a Dharma Class. Only the Dharma will lead you out of 'Why' and finally attain Enlightenment. This is what I wish for you both and that is why I attend class with you both". I wish this for all my readers who believe....

No one is an island by himself. Even on a deserted island, beautiful flowers, plants and birds live there. All you need to do is to sieve through to find them.

Even in the hardest desert, you will still find water and vegetation. Do not despair, no one is alone, you just have to search with Wisdom.

Friends' betrayer is as good a taking a knife and stabs it right into my heart. I'll survive, without anger but thank them for the wisdom.

After all the anger and questioning of 'WHY', I realized it is my own doing. I forgive myself and understand the nature of raising and falling.

Meditation is not sitting for hours, it is the minutes you are fully focus. It is taming the MM (Monkey Mind).

Fear comes from Insecurity. If Change is the Universal Truth, what is there to Fear?

You should Fear your own Karma, and not GOD - For GOD is kind.

Why do we need a religion? Think about it...

Does Killing make one happy? Than why the Killer and the Killed are not laughing?

The highest gift one can give to a love one is 'Dharma'. The Truth is Universal, your wealth and material gains are not.

You bring to Death your merits, both Good and Bad.

Any friendship with a condition is not a friendship.

I beg my friends to understand me - but I don't even understand myself!

It is all 'Said' but not 'Done'.

When looking at the mirror, what do you see?

What is practicing Buddha's way? When you start complaining about your friends when they are not what you expect them to be.

Make me better if I am worst...or leave me alone to rot?

There is fragrance in a cup of tea? Where did the fragrance comes from?

It is OK to have defilements; at least you admit you have. You have to work on it.

SO much for now... and thanks for coming to my Blog.

From Lian莲


  1. HMMMM.. IF only we let go of the 3 fools in our lifes.

    Me, I and Myself.

  2. I told Meng, even if the whole world let him down, he still have me. He shld not look at the fault of his friends but look at the weakness of Beings. Not that I do not have friends who took advantage of me,it's OK. Friendship needs to be built on something isn't it. It is very human to see faults of others, me too.

  3. Wonderful thoughts. Thanks for sharing. "It is all 'Said' but not 'Done'. How true!

  4. Hi nothing profound

    There is actually nothing...but dropping by!