Monday, July 13, 2009

Recipe for Cholesterol...

Due to all the richness of food available to satisfy our tastebuds, one way or another we tend to consume more than it is needed. We love eating, especially Chinese. They eat anything under sun as long as that 'thingy's' back is facing the sky. This is the motto behind all excuses to try something exotic, if not in long run, deadly.

With these, we accumulated all kind of sickness within our bodies. I hope by now you realize that your body is a MASS GRAVEYARD. Although we buy all kind of cosmetics to fragrant IT, it takes very little effort to make the body smells. So we gather all illnesses like a collection - diabetic, high blood pressure, cholesterol and cancer to name a few of the more common ones. (I am not talking about hereditary but these are things handed over from ancestors and it still stemmed from eating habits and also something connected to KARMA).

Again, there are many herbs around us which are cheap and good to counteract prevention. I did not say cure. Once you have all the above or before you come up with any, it takes a little effort and cheap good herbs to improve your immune system.

Recently my brother was asked to drink this beverage. It is good for the heart as it washes away fats and lower cholesterol. I see no harm as all these are not some funny herbs but something that we eat.

They are :
1) Black fungus or Chinese calls it 'Muk Yee' or directly translated as 'Wood Ear'. These are quotes...

"it contains Vitamin D, B1 and B2. Nutrition institutes reported that black fungus ranks 2nd among food products in vegetable fiber. It has 3 times as much iron as liver and twice as much calcium as milk."....

"medicinal benefits - lowering cholesterol, prevent blood clotting."

2) Ginger - as I have written about ginger previously, here you only need a few slices to be added to the boiled beverage.

3) Red Dates - are used in traditional Chinese medicine

"to strengthen the functions of heart and lungs and nourish the stomach and spleen. It supports normal blood pressure and is rich in Vitamin C. It helps to increase blood flows and oxygen to the brain..."

Both Black fungus and Red dates are easy to store as they are dried food. Ginger can be bought anywhere at any time.

Since my brother is making this beverage everyday for 25 days, I took the opportunity to improve my health.... TRY it.


1) black fungus (80g)
2) old ginger (80g)
3) red dates (10)


1) Soak the black fungus in water until it is soft and then wash it clean.
2) Cut the ginger (without removing the skin) into roughly 8 slices.
3) Remove the seeds from the red dates.
4) Put all the ingredients into a slow cooker.
5) Add in 8 cups of water into the cooker.
6) Cook the mixture for 6 hours using low heat.


It is best to prepare this in the evening and start cooking before you go to bed. If you start cooking at say 9 pm, the soup should be ready for drinking by 6 am.

After 25 days, you can drink it once a while if you like a change in your beverage.


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  2. Sorry, Lotus deleted my previous comment.

    Looks like easy to prepare. I must make this for my dad. Can I add 淮山and some lean meat?

  3. NO...this is the exact recipe. I have been drinking and it is good. Your whole family can do so.

  4. did it work on Meng?

    I should try too.


  5. Yup, I think both Meng and I felt the different. You should as it is simple to cook on a slow cooker. Anyone can drink to. I love the black fungus.