Sunday, April 12, 2020

Stay Home Stay Safe

I have not left home since Thursday 9th March 2020 night.

From sitting room to bedroom to kitchen to dinning rooms. From sofa to my big bean bag to bed. My prayer room and prayer beads. My prayer beads is my constant companion at home.

The fridge filled with meat, veggies, fruits, snacks, ice cream and eggs. I locked myself in. Purpose not to give others problems and to put myself in danger. Let the Doctors and nurses save those that need them and I don't want to add on.

My iPad and Handphone are my contact with loved ones and to get updates of news. My heart is with All sufferings in hospitals and at home. I watched my feelings and I knew it is not easy when it's so habitual to move around.  Fortunately for me, I am used to stay home.

Covid-19 is not going to let us off easily. I am blessed to be living in Singapore.  I thank PM Lee HL and the Government for doing what they thought best. YES, when people are deprived of income and food, it will be chaotic on top of Covid-19. A rise in crime is not helpful at this moment.

All compounded things will end. Stay calm.

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