Friday, July 10, 2020

GE 2020

GE lots of sharp edges and everyone tells their own stories and promises.

A son stands opposite the father's party. He should have done so when LKY is alive. Siblings confrontation not uncommon and to wash dirty linens in public, this also should happen when LKY is alive. I am just a bit heartache on all the ruckus caused by the family members over a property and it is none of the business of public but we are dragged into it. Knowing what human nature is like, many will add salt, pepper and the like.

LKY earned my respect. Being in the education arena, I know how children are like. There were times you need to be strict and direct. Love must come with wisdom and compassion. So at the end you are seen as a controlling figure. It is as always “I cannot get my way “ and you are bad. There will be the obedience, the wise, the never mind, the follow blindly and surely the rebellious.

My mum said gratitude is priceless and the sufferings the older folks endured not something we younger ones treasure. We make noises with little discomfort and I can imagine when it comes to sufferings. Isn’t it that’s what we saw during this pandemic.

Now we have many imports and what are their agenda? Should we all go through all the sufferings again and let's see if we can find another brilliant LKY to lead or sink in garbages. We saw all the physical and verbal attacks in other countries government. Really bad examples that adults behaved these ways and shared on social media. Monkeys see monkeys do without thinking.

Good luck Singaporean to your wise choice.

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