Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Covid - 19 and my thoughts

As Covid-19 rages on around the World, uncertainty is in the air. From taking it lightly like a Flu to it telling you ‘I take lives’. My big brothers are pointing fingers at each other losing sights of the big picture (showing off muscles) while the younger ones exhausted trying to stop infection spreading and killing more people. The people who made the movie ‘Independent Day’ can make a new one now....this Covid-19 can clear us out. It travels on lands, up the mountain, nook and corners, young and old, poor or rich, weak or name it and there is nothing it cannot infect unless you are not alive. The difficult times are here but total impact not yet. Politicians are nothing in its eyes! Buddha taught Cause and Effect and Interdependent, reminded us about Impermanence and to keep a good and compassionate heart. We always find a reason to justify ourselves not for this one. 

I am watching while made to take leave and work at home. So busy and no time to seriously reflect. Putting rice on the table and clear about Yours and Mine, running around to fulfil a fake existence. Practicing the Dharma with a heart? No, I am trying but not there yet. I don’t need to pretend, I fake myself and others but cannot fake Lord Karma. Many are fearless thinking Cause and Effect is nothing...didn’t this Covid-19 comes from excessive killing of animals over years, Yes? No? We caused pain and now we are suffering the lost of jobs, depleting our accumulated wealth, lost loved ones, curbed freedom of moving around (some cannot even stay still for themselves and put others in danger) and feed our mouth ( clear out supermarkets, must eat and eat the best, not eating what is needed but overeat or throw food). This selfishness prevails, craved into our CPU life after life. Our kindness is selected, our compassion too. The rushing for food too, I am rich enough to clear out shelves, others don’t matter whether they have food,,,,first come first served. How about first come first die? I think hunger is good, clear our system and at the same time help us to build empathy.

The Healthcare and Frontlines are doing their best. We can only try to keep ourselves safe so as not to add on to more count of infected and death. 

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