Friday, July 19, 2013

Phobias...and facts

Phobias...yes, frightened of something. I am scare of lizards and I will scream when I see them. I do not know why. Phobias have something to do with things that happened to us, whatever age. It doesn't happened when you are young, it happened along the way, whatever age. It is not born. We can be afraid of just anything or nothing. The things that you are afraid of cannot affect your daily life or else it becomes a ''sickness''.

I heard of a story that there is a lady who cannot see slabs on the ground. Due to this she cannot walk out to places where there are slabs and most of the path or walkway have this square of rectangle slabs design. However she seek hypnotize treatment. The treatment made her retreat to her past lives and that was the life she died when a big slab of stone fell on her.

Sharing something light, today I read something on phobias and like to share with my readers. I never knew there are so many names for various phobias....enjoy !

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia - fear for long words
(Lian : After trying to read this lengthy word, surely I will be terrified of long words)

Phobophobia - a fear for developing fear
(Lian : I did not realized that actually being fearful is also a phobia of fear)

Didaskaleinophobia - an intense fear of going to school
(Lian : So now when your children die, die don't want to go to school, this could be the reason)

Trypophobia - a fear for holes
(Lian : Are you fearful of holes, anything that is round that give you a creepy feeling?)

Caligynophobia - a fear for beautiful women or handsome man
(Lian : May not be bad. Too many beautiful people out there and not beautiful like me may be able to find a husband)

Nomophobia - this is the fear of todays people, not having their mobile phone with them
(Lian : There are people 24/7 at all time and are helpless without their mobile)

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