Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My love for Trees

Many people love flowers and plants. I have a friend who is a layman but he took the trouble to remember the names of these plants as in botanic names. I am not able to remember too complicated names of flowers and plants and therefore bought a book. I enjoy looking at all the beautiful flowers and plants and the colours and shapes never fail to mesmerize me. 

I love Trees. If I can I like to hug the tree trunks. I like to look at the barks textures and their colors too. Looking at the trunks also make me look at all the parasite plants clinging onto the trees and realized that parasite orchids are so pretty and so are the stag-horn ferns.

Trees gave me a feeling of security. It is big and strong and animatedly friendly. Their roots grow right down and it is so ''down to earth''. It stands by itself and silently grow, spreading its branches and some reaching for the sky. Some trees have branches that spread out to give shades and sanctuary to both human and animals that come under them. It shade away the sun, to provide a cooling place to relax. Have you sleep under a tree? Try it. 

Some trees stand for a few hundreds years. It saw the changes of the earth. It saw changes of people, it saw changes of the landscape around it and that of many eras. If the tree can speak, it can tell you lots and lots of stories of past and present.

It is painful to see trees being cut. Can you hear the trees speaking to you, can you hear its whisper? It not only do what we see it can do, it also protected the environment.  How many of us see these, appreciate and are grateful of it presence? 

In Singapore, although we are a small island however the government keep this place green. Children are taught about the environment. We are never short of trees and places that are Parks for people to socialize and relax.

Here are some pictures of tree trunks that I took while visiting Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. Enjoy!

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