Monday, December 14, 2009

Something to PONDER...

More thoughts from me...

A flower bloomed and faded, next year a flower blooms again…the look, the color, the size is exactly alike, is it the same flower?

A flower blooms, vibrant, colorful…standing with her face facing the sun and dances with the wind, do you see impermanence?

Live the moment, not worry about tomorrow and what will happen in the future. Tomorrow will take care of itself, the future is planned ahead…and if you lost this moment, you will never relive it again.

Appreciate your friends, they are here to keep you company, encourage you on the way, cry with you, laugh with you and standby you.

Accept your enemies. If they are not around, you will not know the sufferings of your enemies as well as yourself.

Others faults should be your mirror. You should check yourself with their mistakes and not criticizes their mistakes.

One’s faults, One’s Karma…what has that got to do with others?

Everyone wants happiness, so why are we adding our happiness to others unhappiness?

Live your life like a human; not like an animal. You will not survive in the animal world because there are even more ferocious animals than you.

You only live once. If you believe in reincarnation, plan what you want to be in your next life – a lowly person or someone with high-esteem?

Make hay while the sun shines, it may not shine for you tomorrow.

We have endless greed, so much anger…and bundles of ignorance. If we have lesser greed, curbed our anger and learn to be wise…life will be happier.

Happiness is inside you, it is yours, it is not given, no one can take it away from you BUT we always look for happiness externally, begging others to give us a little happiness, and blind to the fact that we owned happiness – how pathetic!

A man had a thorn embedded in his feet. He blamed the land he is standing on that it caused him so much pain. A friend offered him another piece of land to stand on, and yet he still feels the pain. So he flew off to another country, hopping that the pain will go away BUT he still feels the same pain? WHAT is the problem? The problem is not the land, the problem is the thorn – sounds familiar right? We always avoid the problem and putting blame on something else.

The lesser needs you have, a better person you are. Do you know why?

I rather be a WISE person, than an INTELLIGENT idiot!

Human works so hard for the money, fame as well as recognition. They spend all their times in chasing after materials gains – never have time to enjoy them. When they fell sick, they realized that they have neglected their health, their family and loved ones. When they die, none of the accumulated materials gains can they bring with them.

No matter how rich or how poor – the ONLY treasure you can bring with you when you die is your spiritual practices. It is a passport to THE OTHER SHORE.

A 2,500 years ago Teaching, live through Time and yet it is like it is written today. It is Timeless even for another 2,500 years because it is the Teaching of the Wise Teacher, My Teacher – the BUDDHA.

Hope the above sharing brings you Peace and Happiness.


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