Monday, December 7, 2009

Cactus - Aloe Vera

Recently because of my free time, I have been trying all kinds of ad hoc cooking. I am not a good cook but at least my Mum taught me well - I can still manage to cook a pot of rice properly and of course I can cook yummy congee!

Cooking is not a FEAT but an ADVENTURE and IMAGINATION. When I saw a dish or taste a dish, I will ask myself what goes into it. I enjoy cooking but I cannot understand why some people find cooking stressful and troublesome.

Today I am not talking about these but I have taken interest in eating Cactus. The last time I posted something on Nopal or Mexican Cactus (edible cactus) but today I tried something different.

Yes, the famed Aloe Vera. I am not a fan of this Aloe Vera plant - not the supplement, not the drinks nor the desserts. However recently I bought the leaves of this plant on impulse. I have no clue as to how to go about it but intend to make a dessert out of it.

When cutting the skin, it emits a pungent smell. I don't like it as it smells like stale sweat. The next thing, it is only the small portion of clear 'meat' that can be eaten and it is all slimy and slippery. GOSH! what is all these gel? It is like mucus. I cut them into cubes, and using my own imagination put them to boil by adding water and melon sugar. Fortunately after the boil, that 'sweaty' smell no longer existed BUT the dessert is a bit bitter. I added a dash of lemon and yet the bitterness did not go away. I was wondering whether I over cooked it? It still taste good except of the bitter taste.

I vowed that I must succeed so I went to buy another lot of Aloe Vera leaves. I know I can go into Google to find the recipe but I wanted to try it out my way. This time I boiled water with rock sugar, let it simmer and when ready, I poured in all the cut Aloe Vera cubes and stirred mixed until the gel and water blended in a watery form. I left it to cool and VIOLA! I got my dessert. This time it is sweet and there is no bitter taste at all.

There are so much myths about this plant and you have to try it to know it. Nothing like eating it fresh. You can also blend the meat(with the gel, and anyway you can't get rid of the gel) with a spoonful of honey, add ice and when ready squeeze a few drops of will find it refreshing and at the same time detoxifying. Try it...fresh and not from cans!

Aloe Vera is a cooling agent. We know that it is good in treating burns. We also know that Aloe Vera drinks are costly and making your own where you can eat to your heart content is wonderful. Women will love this plant as it has anti-aging agent and a good skin care products. After cutting the skin of the Aloe Vera, I use it to rub on my face. I can feel the gel cooling effect and after washing my face, I can feel the cleanliness, smoothness and also tenderness. Try it. So I eat the meat and use the skin for my beauty wash!

Talking about making good use of everything. All the remains can be fertilizer for your plants.

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