Saturday, June 27, 2009

Falling of the King of Pop

With news broadcasted all over the world on the death of Michael Jackson, I thank him for various reasons. He has given us good music, slick dance movements, his talent in song writings and many things he has done, known and unknown to the public. Because he is a Pop Icon, therefore every little moves he made is no longer a privacy. People censored him for his actions. They choose to believe he is bad. To some, they want to make the most out of it. People get close to him with ulterior motives. He is human, he is not a Saint. All these years of scandals probably took toll on his heart. I believe he is not well for a long time. 50 years is a pretty young age to die but to some, they do not have 50 years at all. It is not how long you live, it is how best you have lived.

Michael started with Jackson 5. That chubby little boy who belted "BEN" and hit it BIG. Subsequently he discovered his own unique music style, dance style and dress sense. His slick dance moves are something I love to watch. All the dancers with him are as good and as precise and matching every movement Michael made. His songs are wonderful. His attempt with Lionel on writing the lyrics and arranging for all the singers to belt out "We are the World" is commendable.

Why are we always finding faults about others, why can't we see the other way? Most of the time it is the wrote juicy reports because the public wanted it and supported it. It leaks the privacy of people, it blemished their names, it caused pain and heartaches and many more. PUBLIC need NEWS but I no longer trust the truth by the media. They are out to make money, not there to give you the real picture. Anyway Michael is dead, the MEDIA can take a rest now. All those that scandalized Michael, they have one person less to create more verbal karma - thank Michael, he saves you from going to hell with that bad mouth.

Those that felt that he is a child abuser and a bad person, to me, I see an unhappy child who is trying to find his childhood. Those that sued him for child abuse, can now follow him to where he is ... to get money or justice. NO, I am all out for Child Abuse, but what evidences? I hugged my god-son, I bathed my little nephew...will that makes me a child abuser?

Above is just some on my feelings. Michael can finally take a rest from this FAKE world and all the accusations that comes with it.

My message to Michael - you can't avoid it because your persona is larger than life. There will be no one like you. May you Rest in Peace. People who loves you will genuinely mourn for you, and you can bless those that have wronged you.

I wanted to share a video here with you on Michael's contribution to the green movements. The World is sick, both nature and human. Here is Earth Song by Michael Jackson. This is my way of saying good-bye and thank you Michael.


  1. I thank Michael too. He will be remembered by his music and contributions to the industry.

  2. Thanks Tom. Your support is much needed here.